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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Sep 28, 2021 ( – NIZK Labs, a leading provider of Ethereum scaling solutions, today announced the public launch of the NIZK Testnet. The company also announced that it is inviting $100 million in its latest Series A funding round led by Asian marketers. David Johasson has also joined the company’s board of directors in this round.

NIZK is a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum network that is developer-friendly and supports a broad ecosystem. since the launch of NIZK’s PoC for developers in September, the platform, which allows Ethereum users to trade at very low fees, has been the subject of more than 10 NIZK Labs built the platform in response to the growing need to scale Ethereum without compromising the security of Ethereum as a base layer. Compatibility with EVM allows projects to deploy without having to change the code of the contract.

“David, a partner at HK dex, said, “We’re a pleasure to work with.” Their dedication to the Ethereum developer community is second to none, and they have the best and easiest to use scalability product.  That’s why more than 10 projects have chosen to launch on NIZK.”

NIZK’s extensive ecosystem is being launched to end-users as the scaling platform grows in popularity, and major projects in the Ethereum space and protocol have gained tremendous traction in recent months with many of NIZK’s launch partners Nearly all projects deployed on NIZK are launched on the NIZK testnet, and Scaling system has chosen to use our technology to launch its own Layer 2 rollup.

Founding Team NIZK Labs was co-founded by Y. Halpern from MIT Sail Lab. Halpern began developing NIZK while at Cornell University, where he met his co-founders. “The tremendous support from developers around the world is a testament to our mission to be the first to merge the worlds of FinTech and Defi.”
NIZK Labs plans to use the funding to scale the team, further develop the NIZK ecosystem, build new scaling solutions for the pipeline, and invest in research and development.
Learn more about how you can join the NIZK Labs team.

About NIZK Labs NIZK Labs is a Hong Kong-based start-up company developing NIZK, a “zk Rollup” scaling solution for Ethereum. NIZK is fully compatible with most existing Ethereum developer tools, so no code changes or downloads are required to port a contract to NIZK. NIZK is publicly available and the team is already working with more than 10 projects that are building on top of NIZK.

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