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Athena Education created an exclusive AI software, AthenaBlue™, which has helped the education organisation yield stunning results.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Oct 17, 2021 ( – Athena Education uses a combination of accumulated historical data and student profiles to create bespoke programmes for university and college applications, interview coaching, and exams. Here is a deeper look into the main programs they offer, and how they’ve successfully used data to improve admission and academic outcomes.


UK University Applications / UCAS Coaching Programme

Applying to UK universities has gotten more competitive, as many international students look to the UK for further education. To stand the best chance of acceptance, Athena Education uses over 100 data points about their student’s academic, extracurricular, and personal background to build a “digital application fingerprint”. They then match this fingerprint with tens of thousands of historical data points accumulated over the last nine years, to offer data-driven advice for the right combination of subjects and colleges to select in mentees’ UCAS Application

The same 100+ data points are then referenced, along with bespoke discussion one-on-one sessions with experienced UCAS essay coaches, and a large dataset of historical personal statements, to craft a data-driven picture of the most compelling and unique UCAS Personal Statement that showcases the best of each mentee and is catered towards the combination of UK universities the mentee has selected. 


The Results

As of 2021, 81% of Athena Education’s mentees in the UK University coaching programme received at least one offer in the Russell Group, which includes Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Imperial, UCL, and others. As a point of comparison, the acceptance rate for LSE is 8.9% and just 7% for UCL.


US College Applications / Common App Coaching Programme

For mentees looking to apply to US colleges via the Common App, choosing the right Common App colleges, and deciding on what to write about for your Common App Essay are the most consequential decisions to make that significantly affect admission outcomes. Athena Education takes a data-driven approach to the Common App, by collecting over 100 data points about the student’s academic, extracurricular, personal, and social background to craft a bespoke “digital node”. The node is then run alongside tens of thousands of historical data points with previous applications to provide a map of the colleges that each application has the best chances of getting into. Once mentees and Athena’s coaches agree on a selection of US colleges to apply for, AthenaBlue is leveraged by coaches to identify the traits the unique set of schools most value. This is then used to craft a Common App Essay that showcases mentees’ personal voice and is best suited to the colleges being applied to. 

Athena Education’s SAT prep program combines traditional methods of past year practice and Socratic mentorship with data tracking, to identify mentee’s key strengths and weaknesses. The training regiment adjusts over time to reflect the areas that need more attention (for example, geometry or vocabulary questions). Athena Education also offers a 56-day intensive SAT prep programme to ace your SAT test.


The Results

Athena’s mentees in the SAT prep programme have achieved an average of 1480 on the SATs, and 730 on SAT Math. This places most Athena mentees in the top 1% of test-takers. The average Athena mentee SAT score qualifies for the best schools in the US, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Brown, and others. As of 2021, 62% of mentees on the Common App programme have gotten into a top 10 school in the US, 92% have received at least one offer from a top 20 school in the US, and 69% received multiple offers. 


IB Exam & MYP

The IBDP and MYP are the most rigorous and holistic education programmes available to students aged 12 to 18. Athena Education has changed the IB and MYP Economics and Mathematics preparation landscape with their experienced, nurturing coaches and data-driven approach to learning. Coaches use a combination of one-on-one socratic learning techniques, data analysis to identify key examination strengths and weaknesses, and quality practice to support mentees achieve the best possible results.


The Results

Athena Education’s mentees have graduated the IB exam with an average of 39.7 points. Economics HL & SL, and Mathematics HL & SL are Athena’s areas of specialisation, and the average score achieved is 6.25, 6.43, 5.93, and 6.20 respectively. More important than absolute scores are grade improvements. The average grade point improvement for Economics is 1.84 over 24 months and 1.99 for Mathematics over a similar period.


Management Consulting Interview Preparation

Management consulting is perhaps the hardest industry to break into as an undergraduate, given the huge pool of applicants, the dynamic lifestyle, and exciting learning opportunities. Athena Education has the best case interview coaching programme available for any aspiring management consultant. Whether you’re hoping to get an offer from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, or any other top consulting firm, Athena Education has a dedicated team of MBB coaches who have combed 8000+ resumes and interviewed 3000+ consulting applicants. Athena Education puts the success of its mentees first and therefore offers unlimited interview preparation sessions. Each case is followed up by a detailed post-mortem prognosis to identify key strengths and areas of improvement. Video recordings will be permanently accessible for mentees so they can rewatch and learn whenever they wish.  


The Results

87% of Athena mentees in the consulting interview programme received at least one offer from a top consulting firm, and 32% received multiple offers. 28% of mentees received at least one offer from McKinsey, Bain, or BCG, which is a whopping 30 times higher than the average acceptance rate of the top 3 consulting firms. All three firms have a historic acceptance rate of well under 1%.


O Level Mathematics

Math O Level exam has often been the key barrier to a stellar O Level score for many O Level students. Athena Education is the best O Level maths tuition centre around and has consistently produced top results in Singapore, UK, and beyond. Using data tracking to identify topics that mentees need to place the most attention on, and adjusting their bespoke training programme to focus on these areas, mentees take the O Level Exam at the peak of their confidence. Athena’s tutors are well versed in the O Level A Maths Syllabus and O Level E Maths Syllabus and have a minimum of 8 years of teaching experience. 


The Results

Athena Education’s key performance indicator is grade improvement. Mentees in Athena Education’s E Math O Level tuition programme improved their grades by 13% over 12 months, while that figure is 17% for A Math. 94% of mentees in the Math O Level programme achieed an A for the actual O Levels. 


About Athena Education

Athena Education, with its full suit of academic preparation and university admissions programs across the UK and US, is a one-stop shop for all aspiring youths, ages 15-23. Get the best possible head start in life, and become a future global leader and scholar by learning from the most nurturing and qualified coaches available.

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