John Lewis on 3 Positive Characteristics That Will Get You Further in Business

John Lewis

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Oct 5, 2021 ( – It’s easy to hear the success stories of others and want the same thing for yourself in business. When you hear about people making six figures doing what they love, it’s only natural to hope for the same success. Succeeding in business often takes time and effort, but one should also have specific characteristics to get further in any venture. According to John Lewis, if you possess these characteristics and are serious about experiencing substantial business growth, you can make it happen with proper steps.


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Be ready to learn. If you’d like to take your business from ground level and experience steady growth while drastically raising your annual income, you need to be ready to learn. John Lewis is an example of someone who believes knowledge is power in business. As a former college athlete turned business professional and mentor, he started building a business at 19. “I wanted to build a business that I could call my own, so I got started in the online marketing space. Unfortunately, not everything worked as I anticipated. While the concepts made sense, the application was the hard part. It took much longer for me to get the hang of it,” shared Lewis. “I continued struggling for five years while trying to crack the code of building a successful business. It wasn’t until I was 25 years old and starting a construction company business venture that I managed to crack the code and achieve the level of success that I was hoping to have when I first started. Despite the challenges over the years, I was always ready to learn. The willingness to learn helped me get further in my career.”


Working well with team members is another crucial characteristic to have. If you have team members who support your vision and want to help you build your company, you need to collaborate to develop fresh, innovative ideas that work. Building solid teams and providing adequate training can make a huge difference. “I’ve learned the importance of putting systems and processes in place, working with marketing teams, and being consistent. With the consistency and support of the team, we achieved our goal of having a six-figure month within the first four months of running the business,” said Lewis. “In addition to having our most profitable month for the first time, we started helping other companies achieve the same goals through the services provided by our company. We used what we learned to help others.”


Having a genuine passion for your business venture is most important. You need to love what you do to succeed. Focusing on helping other entrepreneurs achieve success, John Lewis encourages those interested in building a business to focus more on systems, processes, and selecting the right team members to handle specific tasks. He also believes it’s essential to fill the education gap as technology continues to advance. “Corporate education is behind because technology continues to move at such a fast pace. It’s vital to teach things that are relevant today. When learning what works today, it becomes slightly easier for entrepreneurs to succeed,” said Lewis. He currently provides the knowledge and support entrepreneurs need through The Virtual Legacy, LLC., a company designed to help individuals capitalize on their talents.

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