Dr. Felicia Osborne Mental Health Service Provider Pushes for Annual Awareness for Suicide Prevention

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Hurting people need a spotlight focused on suicide annually. The increased disruption in family life and the economy too many are falling victim, we must focus a brighter light on those suffering before it’s too late… And we can do it!


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Oct 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Dr. Felicia Osborne A Leading Provider of Mental Health Services in Newark, NJ Promotes National Suicide Prevention As An Annual Movement.

Newark, NJ. Though we are coming to the close of the calendar date for National Suicide Prevention Month, let’s keep the reality before us: Many individuals are struggling immensely with thoughts of hopelessness and teetering on total psychological collapse. It is a prevalent concern for thousands who have lost employment, homes, and even loved ones. The fear of the unknown is overwhelming.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? First, be there. Show up for someone who is at the bottom. When you find someone not looking well, flushed of spirit, just ask, “Is everything okay?” Sometimes just having a moment to rethink jolts a fresh perspective. In addition, we become light to those sitting in dark emotional crevices and demonstrates the love and compassion of God to the least of them.

I encourage you to become a bridge builder; go out of your way to brighten someone else’s day. When we practice giving as a lifestyle, we take on the “Givers’ Glow” which helps to reduce stress, depression, and thoughts of isolation within us.

I know we all look for ways to give back to society, here is a simple one: be friendly, compassionate, a good listener, and scream to the rooftop to those who are on the brink of collapse that life is worth living, God has a plan and He never forsakes his children.

Be a bright light and join us at Bethel Counseling Services and services around the world shining a bright beam of hope for the voiceless, and when necessary, initiate an intervention. We will make a tremendous difference when we do.

To learn more about Bethel Counseling Services contact Dr. Felicia Osborne @ 973-220-0379

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