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DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. feature book titles are conjoining with new radio programming and television programming while supporting long-standing and newly emerging authors from over nine countries and five continents who share eclectic works


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Washington, D.C, Sep 15, 2021 ( – DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. extends diverse bookshelves with ten (10) genre-centric imprints housing thirty (30) plus authors who arrive at from over nine (9) countries and five (5) continents to produce their eclectic and/or noteworthy titles for readers reached through organic growth coupled with industry-recognized marketing and promotion. As DonnaInk Founder and President, Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry resumes new title releases (after a COVID draw-down in 2020 impacting early 2021) and also announces her newest endeavor, The DonnaInk Book Show airing weekday afternoons on Faces of Rap Mothers® Television Network on Roku beginning 1 October 2021 during the 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. time slot.

Segments such as “A Book Journey”, “Title on Location”, “Author Insight”, etc. include unrepresented authors and the publishing houses represented authors based on the listener (reader) interest and industry awareness. Programs centered on books, processes, writing, authors, and entertainers, book development, locations of interest, how-to’s, new title releases, poets in action, etc. are forthcoming covering sub-topics such as inspiration, coaching, scriptwriting to film-making, etc. for over 50 million national and international accessible viewers. Ms. Quesinberry extends special thanks to Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell, Faces of Rap Mothers® Television Network Owner (and DonnaInk Publication’s resident author of the Faces of Rap Mothers® multi-series books), and states, “Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell is enigmatic and this is not cliché. A wife, mother, advocate, historian, torchbearer, author, and entertainer . . . now Television Network Owner . . . Candy demonstrates her appreciation through acts of kindness and inclusion while she continuously grows her *IDEA* to celebrate Rap Mothers®, which held limited interest at its onset until she made it “of interest” to everyone who enfolds into her vision and ever-expanding and new horizons through inclusion. Thank you Candy for keeping your word and staying the course and being a good associate, author, and friend.”

Streaming radio (both with imagery and soundtracks) are intended to augment “The DonnaInk Book Show” and the addition of Mr. Tom Saputo (performance artist, music-recording engineer, visual artist, and educator) extending his talents to DonnaInk Publications authors at reduced rates ensures more audiobook arrangements and recordings in support of the publishing house’s audiobook platform expansion. The publisher’s advent audiobook “Quarantina” by Author Wayne Tatum, currently featured on, transports listeners (aka readers) in an engaging journey where Tatum’s quodlibet is performed in a nostalgic satire reminiscent of Old Time Radio. Saputo and Tatum deliver an entirely new level of audiobook presentation making Tatum’s “Quarantina” a desirable audio experience to accompany his well-received print and eBook renditions.

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. newest endeavors are certain to add to their authors’ successes and the newest titles releasing fall and winter of 2021 include:

Mitchell Allen’s – The Spiritual Sociopath Series (Volumes I, II, and III)

Christopher Duquette’s – 2021: An Ageism in Odyssey (LGBTQ Titles of Recovery)

J.R. Hatcher’s – TBI Guy’s Learnin’ Lessons Series (Children’s Disability Awareness Titles written by TBI Survivor J.R. Hatcher)

Steven Kay’s – You and Me, The Satanic Court, and For the Love of My Children (Romance Novels)

Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell’s – Faces of Rap Mothers® Series, Faces of Rap Fathers® Series, Rap Mothers Save the Day® Series, and Faces of Rap Mothers® Presents Series (Docufiction Tell-All’s and Entertainment Biosophies)

Dr. Gerhard Plenert’s – Montana Rising Series and The History of the Small World Series (Mystery Series and Fantasy Fiction Series)

Nick Payne’s – Mississippi 2 Hollywood (Nonfiction Autobiography)

Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry’s – Book Development 101, Guidebook to Carthage: Halfway to Everywhere, and Laughter and Other Considerations (Fiction and Nonfiction Titles)

Skyla Spencer’s – Skyla’s Hat Adventures Series (Children’s Series featuring Music CDs with the books)

Charlemagne Suffrage’s – Bonds Unbroken (Docufiction Myopic on Family Court Suffrage)

Wayne Tatum’s – Quarantina and Illustrated Tales for the Easily Entertained (Clean Satirical Fiction by a Classic Storyteller)

Additional DonnaInk Publications’ Authors:

Mrs. Bonnie Beckeman – Children’s Author

Ms. Carolyn Kay Doswell – Novelist & Screenwriter

Mr. Jan Drabek – Former Ambassador, Author

Mr. Chip Esajian – Motivational Trainer

Mr. Fabio Evangelista – Manga & Science Fiction

Mr. Phil Force – Brain Cancer Survivor, Author

Mr. Cliff Hill – Survival Memoir

Professor Edwin Hung – Philosopher

Professor Roberto Ivaldi – Renaissance Novelist

M. Frederic Jennings – Post-Apocalypse Novelist

Mr. Milan Kalis – Slovakian Novelist

Mr. Bradley Latham – Satirical Novelist

Mr. John Loretto – Actor, Author, Screenwriter

Mr. B. P. Pryor – Espionage and Procedural Law Enforcement Novelist

Renee Smith – Science Fiction Novelist

Mr. Ed Tasca – Actor, Author, Comedian, Playwright

Mr. Teedzani Thapelo – South African Novelist

Mr. Jeramiah Think – Fantasy Fiction Novelist

Nicole “Nikki” Troupe – Children’s Disability Awareness Author

To learn more about DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. visits, and if you have a story idea for The DonnaInk Book Show, write to: [email protected].


About DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.: a woman-owned small publishing house associated with over thirty eclectic authors and their collective works for discriminating readers among multiple fiction and non-fiction genres.

About Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry: Author; CEO dpInk: BD, Capture, & Proposal Writing; President DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.: traditional & Indie publisher: Freelance-, Ghost-, Sr. Technical- Writer, Mother.

About The DonnaInk Book Show: Monday through Friday afternoon feature sharing varied book segments for children and adults alike with guest author and/or represented author interviews and discussions along with “Titles on Location”, “A Book’s Journey”, and additional program segments.

About Faces of Rap Mothers® Television Network: owned and operated by Ms. Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell CEO and President of Faces of Rap Mothers® corporation and Chairwoman of the Faces of Rap Mothers® entire platform.

About Mr. Tom Saputo: pianist, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, recording engineer, graphic artist, special effects, and video creator.

About Mr. Wayne Tatum: a satirist and comedy storyteller who is a walking enthusiast and progressing pilgrim on the rocky narrow road of Christianity who early on experienced life through the perspectives of sports, theater, music, creative writing, and home movies.

The DonnaInk Book Show Monday through Friday afternoon feature sharing varied book segments for children and adults alike with guest author andor represented author interviews and discussionsFaces of Rap Mothers Television Network owned and operated by Ms Candy Strother DeVoreMitchell CEO and President of Faces of Rap Mothers corporation Tom Saputo pianist guitarist vocalistsongwriter producer recording engineer graphic artist special effects and video creatorMr Wayne Tatum a satirist and comedy storyteller who is a walking enthusiast and progressing pilgrim on the rocky narrow road of Christianity
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