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From personalized consultations to free daily horoscopes, through chats and phone calls, people are turning to astrology for answers.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Ahmedabad, Gujarat Sep 29, 2021 ( – When Mumbai-based Sanyukta Tandon faced the threat of losing her job due to the pandemic in Nov 2020, she was not sure of how will she be able to handle the family crisis. Tandon is one of the many who turned to astrology for answers. With a massive 1.09 billion minutes of astrological advice given to customers over the years, MyPandit is taking leaps and bounds in the space of personalized astrology. 


Astrology tends to get lost in translation if not interpreted with the right skills. MyPandit was initiated in 2003 by an expert panel of astrologers who had extensive experience in the telecommunications sector. “In 2019, we realized that there is a need to align our strengths and that is how MyPandit came into being. Even back then, our core focus was on providing authentic personalized astrological services to all at affordable prices. We continue to adhere to this,” says Kalpesh Shah, MD, MyPandit.   


Apart from personalized daily horoscopes, MyPandit also offers free yearly reports such as birth charts, zodiac signs, astro-profiles among others. It is all about personalization! 

“Currently, we have more than 200 astrologers on our platform. The plan is to expand these numbers by bringing in more qualified astrologers,” says Shah. 


Acharya Devangana, one of the consulting astrologers at MyPandit talks about the changing trend of calls since March 2020. She says, “While earlier the calls were limited to only career or relationship, we are now getting more and more calls about how their equations have changed post-pandemic!” There has been an increased number of couples calling on how they cannot adjust with their partners in the work-from-home situation. “This happens when their birth charts are not matching but due to the spouse being at work all the time, these issues were subdued. It is now surfacing when they have to be with each other the whole time,” she adds. 

On the other hand, concerns about careers have also drastically changed. 

Earlier, the calls were from freshers contemplating their career choices. Since last year, many mid-level professionals have considered shifting their careers altogether or moving from metros to smaller hometowns. 

Acharya Setu who specializes in career-related predictions says, “Based on their kundli, we guide them whether or not to continue working with the same job or start their own venture or whether or not it is the right thing to move to their family businesses.”  

Providing astrological services for as economical as Re 1 per minute, MyPandit is available in various regional languages. “After my engineering, I was at crossroads on what to do next. I was keen on moving to Dubai for my further academics but I was confused,” says Bengaluru-based Mallika Krishnaswamy. She then spoke to Acharya Anand who suggested that she choose a country with water bodies around it such as Canada or Australia as her birth chart had water element in the 12th house. In 2019, Mallika shifted to Australia and is currently chasing her dreams!

About MyPandit

MyPandit is a premium service brought by Predictive Technologies Pvt Ltd, which has been providing astrological assistance based on Vedic astrology. It allows users to instantly connect with expert astrologers and even Vastu experts at any time of the day who are available on instant chats and calls. You may download the Android/Apple app from HERE:

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