The global interest in surnames is on the rise

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Surnames have arisen at different times in history and in different countries of the world for very different reasons, although the underlying reason is always to be able to identify and differentiate two people with the same name.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Sep 24, 2021 ( – However, there are surnames that are very abundant in some countries of the world, so that even knowing the name and surname or surnames of a person it is not always possible to be sure that he/she is the only one who carries that combination.

The interest in surnames and their origin, as well as knowing which are the most common surnames in each country and the way surnames are arranged in different countries is something that has always fascinated human beings, since it is a way of tracing ancestors and, sometimes, finding out their place of origin or even what they did for a living since many surnames have to do with the jobs that people did.

In many countries, surnames are of patronymic origin and offer information about the family from which the person carrying the surname comes. There are also surnames that have to do with the physical characteristics of one of the ancestors, probably the one that gave origin to the surname, and others speak of their place of origin. Be that as it may, knowing more about the surnames of the world is something that the website puts within reach of all Internet users.

The website offers lists of the most important surnames of each and every country in the world, explaining their characteristics and singularities. For example “Did you know that in Russia surnames end differently depending on whether the person carrying it is a man or a woman? Well, that can sometimes cause problems in Spain, because if your wife is Russian and you have a male child according to Russian rules the family surname would be only yours, but in Spain, the child must carry both surnames, although being male the mother’s surname should be put in its masculine form. And speaking of Spain, do you know that there they use 2 surnames and not 1 as in the United States?”.

The surnames of the world can be an inexhaustible source of curiosity and knowledge, for that reason, it is interesting to see how the information about them is updated in a timely manner, since in a globalized world it will be more and more interesting to see and recognize the movements made by the different surnames, which will be, of course, influenced by the laws of the different countries at the time of putting them.

The website also has versions in other languages such as Spanish (Apellidos) or German (Nachnamen) or French (Noms de famille).

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