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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Hollywood, Florida Sep 20, 2021 ( – Are you ready to take your online connections and interests offline? Personary is excited to announce its official launch today. Designed to connect people who have similar interests so they can enjoy their favorite activities together – in person – Personary is a positive space for people to connect with users who have shared interests, particularly post COVID as the world is opening back up.

Personary users create a profile listing their interests, using keywords like #guitarist, #beercrawl, #running, #volleyball, etc, and can then discover others with the same interest before inviting them to connect. Users can send invitations one-on-one to users with matching interests, to an already existing group, or create a new group. Existing friends can also create groups so they can coordinate activities for their friend group. The main purpose of Personary is to make it easy for people who share interests to discover one another and coordinate activities together.

“With the launch of Personary, we’re excited to create a social media tool that connects people by interest first but also has the potential to transport those connections offline. It’s a great resource for users moving to new cities, taking up new hobbies, or those who just want to hang out with people who share the same passion”, says Senior Marketing Director, Bee Hansford.

Rather than event-centric apps that post open-call events or dating apps where you decide based on looks who to meet, Personary focuses on more personal connections by allowing users to filter profiles by interest, occupation, or activity before sending invites out.

The Personary app offers the following features and benefits:

—  Searches: Find users by city, interest, or activity by using specific hashtags or a combination of hashtags to connect.

—  Shots: Upload photos of yourself and/or your interests.

—  Ad-Free: Personary does not share user data or provide it for paid advertising purposes.

—  Privacy: Your content is yours and only shared with the friends and followers you choose to show it to. It is never sold to third parties for any usage inside or outside the site.

—  As the site grows beyond its launch phase, numerous new features are being planned, including video chat, paid service/gigs, “live” screen connecting online users looking for an instant activity and additional interests.

— Each Personary account includes 10 interests/activities/occupations you can add for free.

Personary is now available for free download on the Apple AppStore and the Google Play store. You can learn more about Personary here.

  • For questions or more info, please contact Bee Hansford.

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