Maine Veteran to Give Away 30% of His Company



Veterans Can Own A Piece of this Gourmet Dry Rub Company


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Bangor, Maine Aug 9, 2021 ( – MAINE VETERAN GIVING AWAY 30% OF HIS COMPANY IN 90 DAYS

Veterans can own a piece of this gourmet dry rub company

Bub ‘n Mutha’s, a Veteran owned gourmet dry rub company is looking for key Veterans to give away 30% ownership in 90 days.  Veterans, selected over a series of interviews will participate in company growth activities for a chance at partial ownership and future employment.

“While our initial goal was to grow large enough to employ Veterans,” states Founder, John Fuhrman, “after further thought, why not allow them to own a piece of the company as a partial reward for their efforts.”

A Form of Competition

The company will work with those Veterans selected to participate, find their talents and task them to specific target objectives.  The goal is to take the company to a $1 million valuation in 90 days.  Those who remain on task through the duration, will each receive up to 5% ownership in the company.

“No one can be fired based on performance,” adds Fuhrman, “however, some may decide along the way that being in business is not for them and remove themselves from the task.  Those who are there at the end will be rewarded, and even those who decided not to remain may be offered positions with the company.”

The Timeline

The timeframe for this endeavor begins on August 11 and continues for 90 days.  Participants will execute tasks involving sales, production, accounting, etc. which are necessary for a growing company.  These sales will be to area shops as well as web development to market and sell to individual customers.           The final valuation will take place on November 11th, Veterans’ Day.  By then we hope to have a national audience tracking our Veterans’ progress as well as the progress of the company.

Founded in 2018, Bub ‘n Mutha’s (”) is an award-winning dry rub company located in Winter Harbor, ME.  Using real Maine ingredients, a special blend of spices, the company has customers all over the US.  It is the only BBQ company using real Maine ingredients from real Maine companies. (Companies include: Raye’s Mustard, Maine Maple, Coffee Hound)


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