Media Kiings Inc and Companies Launch Project P.U.S.H. (Promote Until Something Happens)

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Sugar Land, Texas Sep 13, 2021 ( – Project P.U.S.H. has already acquired the attention of several established entertainers in the comedy, film, television, music, and textile industries. With the prior launch of the Media Kiings Broadcast Network, this element gives Media Kiings Inc the leverage needed to compete on a global scale. Media Kiings Inc is the parent company for several other entities involved in the elevation of the entertainment industry’s independent entertainer.

New Television Channels and Content for 2021

Tavia Brooks Host of the future TV show “Get Fit” is scheduled to air in late 2021 early 2022 on the Media Kiings Broadcast Network. Despite the creative delays with the Country/Pop Singers new music project. the Television expectation launch was delayed in the fall of 2020. Writers of the show state that they are looking forward to bringing you real reality work out solutions that also promote self-awareness and nutrition.  

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Paulette Wright CEO/Artist at Powerful Praise records & Powerful Praise Music Group is recognized as a gospel singer, Evangelist and Radio host of Powerful Praise has also engaged in Project P.U.S.H. Mrs. Wright and her business partner and manager Ms. JoAnn Woods of Jaw Entertainment, have been inspired by the depth of Media Kiings Vision of elevation.

Paulette is an international Gospel recording Artist, writer, arranger, and producer of contemporary inspirational Gospel music. Mrs. Wright has displayed her talents as an actress, play write, and a steadfast philanthropist in the Houston Texas area. Paulette has her own organization Heart of Restoration of which is a non-Profit Organization .501 C 3. To work with kids that have been abused abandon and neglected her passion is to demonstrate love. Paulette Wright has traveled the globe internationally ministering the gospel through song overseas in parts of Europe such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Milan, Paris, and South Africa. She was also featured in South Africa in a Festival featuring Mahalia Jackson. She sang in Rhome for the Pope. Paulette was highlighted in “Sing Mahalia Sing” in her hometown at the Dillard University where she portrayed the Late great Mahalia Jackson. She has also toured singing in international stage plays such as “I Need a Man“, “Ain’t No Sunshine When He Home“, “Momma I Am Sorry”, “Heaven or Hell and Judgement“.

Jo Ann Woods COO/Executive Director/Producer at Powerful Praise Broadcast Network is an Experienced veteran with a history of working in the music entertainment industry and non-profit organization management industry. Ms. Woods also provides a strong background in business Development, Management, Publicity, Social Media, and Online Marketing.

Kerry Roy founder of KRPN TV has stated the idealism and branding along with the hands-on approach and guidance of Media Kiings is what makes them different and my choice to engage and elevate our brand. Ms. Roy with several coming engagements and creative bodies of work has impressed the Media Kiings family in the highest regard and the companies have several very secretive projects in the work in Film, Television, and Music Industry.

New P.U.S.H. program Artists seen on MKBNTV for 2021

The P.U.S.H. Program is an elevated extension of the launch for independence started by Media Kiings Inc in its 2020 Co-Op Program. Several artists have benefited from the programs such as Illy Givenchii, Anth’O aka Mr. Magnificent, Tavia Brooks, Skyeglow, Party of The Sin, Pastor Samuel l Campbell, AfriQ, Zion aka No_Love Nuchie, Lunch Da General, SSMusik, Doemade, Eli Jr, Jay Danavvy, AOS Music, Benny Hondo, Christopher Kane and more.

Media Kiings Inc, COO Kenneth Porter states “Engaging the world of creative entertainers and providing them with the tools needed to be more visible in today fast-paced industry of entertainment is a huge task not to be taken lightly. One of the biggest drawbacks identified by the program heads is that most of the entertainers have forgotten the basic practice of tooting your own horn. In a lot of cases, the company states once an artist starts getting the attention needed, they sometimes stop letting people know. This method in the independent world of entertainment is called “Applying Pressure” which means to intensify your efforts and maximize your leads and follow-ups with the engaging parties. The Media Kiings team aka “Team Media” was formed with the independent musician in mind but has evolved in a way that supports all genres and levels of the entertainment industry. The company keeps creating more ways to expose the entertainer’s body of work more to increase value. Depending on the creators’ ideals on the depth of their career being an independent entertainer could gain international exposure due to the company working relationships for Distribution, Licensing, Promotions, and Marketing. The company’s founder and team provide a wealth of knowledge and guidance to get to that next level. Per the VP of Production Sage C. Lee, “Once I absorbed the companies’ ideals and methods this was a no brainer for global independence on any level.  

Media Kiings in a nutshell will be offering its support to all entertainers. The company in the words of COO Kenneth Porter is we are looking for that diamond in the RUFF. We believe that there is a lot of talented people in the world. Media Kiings Inc.’s project P.U.S.H. (Promote Until Something Happens) means just that. Many entertainers cannot afford the need for adverting and promotions that it takes to get to that next level let alone stand out among the millions of others with the same goal. CEO A.D. Selders states “Social media has become the new normal for promotional activity. Not utilizing all the tools available to anyone with the desire to steak their mark in the work of entertainment could mean that you either don’t want it bad enough or you’re not aware that there are people in the world who truly want to support creativity and this program does just that. 


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