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The ” Elliot Search engine” will Rebrand to ” Yelliot Search”, The end of the first decade and the completion of our journey with a brilliant name in the field of search engines


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- at-Tarif, Algeria Sep 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – PHENIXTechnologies, a lead company of web services, announced today that it has completed the search engine project called ” Elliot search engine ” launched in 2012 known as multi-purpose search engine All-in-One, and it’s the time for re-branding Elliot Search engine to ” YELLIOT “, this change reflects the link with users since almost 10 years, the way the project has grown and expanded in recent years.

Yelliot.com will run now as ” YELLIOT Search ” as well as release a new logo and website redesign, and release a new web browser, and change the main URL to ” Yelliot.com ” which will make the site address shorter and easy to remember for users that loved the idea of the Elliott search engine for more than 10 years ago, and we come back to complete the journey of the coming years as Yelliot Search Engine.

Yelliot search engine was not created to compete with other search engines, but rather became the only search engine that combines and unifies all search engines in one place, we all love Google, we all love Yahoo, We all love Bing & Yandex, and all search engines have a feature at least that makes us not give up using it, I use all of them according to my need and what I am looking for, so it was Elliot before & it’s for you now, it’s become Yelliot as ( You & Elliot ) we share the experience,” says Khalid Abes, CEO & Founder of Elliot.

About Yelliot Search :

Yelliot! It is the fruit of excellence through the search engine project was founded by Khalid Abes, who Graduated with a Master Degree in Communication & Digital Processing from UBMA in Algeria, in 2012 with a simple design made as a prototype that reflects the main idea of Yelliot! which is to combine all search engines in one place which make Elliot the first multi-purpose search engine in the world, the project was launched officially as ” elliotsearchengine.org ” known as Elliot before re-branding to Yelliot now.

Yelliot! Search engine front-end based on JavaScript with HTML/CSS, with “0” zero databases, we don’t collect or save any query on our end, it’s using a customized search engine CSE by Google with enabled SafeSearch option to prevent and filter explicit adult content to protect users of all ages. 

Yelliot uses the query tunneling technique to send search words or sentences directly to the selected search engine, without auto-complete to protect users to not drift behind any suggested content from search engines that may not suitable for young kids especially, even though we set a filter is under development as an extra checkpoint barrier which reset and delete banned search words to make the search safer. 

The unique user experience will make him love the Yelliot search engine features, which allows him to navigate to his favorite search engine by just hovering over the mouse and 1 Click! without the need to move from one site to another and load websites ex: Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, Bing …

Yelliot released its Web browser named ” Elliot Browser ” built-in Yelliot search engine, with Ad-block to destroy useless & unfriendly annoying ads with Enhanced Privacy and cookies control.

Visit: www.yelliot.com to explore the new website, brand.


PHENIX Technologies, is a leading company in integrated web services & e-commerce, digital solutions, and network infrastructures, since 2016 created by the CEO & Founder of Yelliot, It is the company that takes care of Yelliot search engine services since 2016 until now, and the search engine was the first project that was the reason for its establishment, and today it is innovating in developing it to will be one of the creative projects in its path.

Elliot rebranding to Yelliot Search

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