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Yakkyofy, the Italian SME leader in the eCommerce sector, today has launched a new service that will allow customers to do branding quickly and economically.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Roma, Lazio Sep 8, 2021 ( – Yakkyofy, a leading Italian company in the sector of eCommerce services, today has launched a new service that will allow small store owners to create a real brand in an easy, fast, and economical way, by customizing the packaging of their dropshipping products, completely online and with just a couple of clicks.

After the pandemic, we experienced an important increase in online purchases and this led to significant growth in online eCommerce businesses, so how can someone stand out in this crowd of competitors? Yakkyofy’s answer is simple: Branding Branding Branding.

Brand Identity is a factor not to be underestimated in the online sales sector. It’s the age of authenticity and brands need to connect with their audience. 86 percent of consumers say authenticity is a key factor in deciding which brands they will buy. Consumers expect brands to be honest. But brand authenticity is a recent concept, driven primarily by Millennials. The more consistent and transparent a brand is, the better it will be able to build long-lasting relationships with its customers.

Trust is also a very important factor: a survey showed that 81% of consumers said they need to trust the brand to buy from them. It’s safe to say that when brands build trust, consumers reward them. If brands are honest and authentic with customers, this will help build a long-lasting relationship based on trust.

Finally, we must remember that colors and logos matter when it comes to marketing. The choice of logo colors can affect how people perceive a company’s brand and using a distinctive color can increase brand recognition by 80%. Colors must therefore be used wisely to allow them to become a kind of trademark.

Once a brand with specific characteristics has been created, then it must be shown everywhere within the business (website, social media, business cards, flyers), to allow customers, first to know it and then to recognize it.

Packaging is fundamental in this process. “In the history of eCommerce, packaging has always made a big difference.” Tells Giovanni Conforti CEO and Founder of Yakkyofy. “When we buy on Amazon or Zalando, even if we buy products from various sellers, we know that these items will be delivered to us by these two marketplaces which convey our trust and a series of assurances. And what is the proof we have of their presence: the package that arrives at our home with their logo on it. “

“This is why, we at Yakkyofy, have decided to allow our customers to create custom packaging and to use them to deliver products sold in dropshipping. In this way, even without ever handling the goods, but by sending items from the supplier directly to the end customer, our customers will be able to do branding, build loyalty, and be recognized. “

To this service, Yakkyofy also adds the possibility of including Gift Cards, Welcome Cards, and other types of materials inside the package, all completely online and purchasable with just a few clicks through their platform.

For those who are even more convinced about taking the path of Branding, the company also offers the possibility to purchase products customized with their own logo, shipped from Yakkyofy’s warehouse in China directly to the final consumer without arriving at the warehouse of the online retailer. 

These are the wonders of dropshipping, the next-generation supply chain method for online store owners. 

About the company: Yakkyofy is a dropshipping software created by Yakkyo Srl, a company based in Italy and in China, that helps shop owners completely automate the management of their Dropshipping store. Yakkyofy sources the products to sell brands with your own logo if required helps rapidly import them into your store and takes care of the entire order fulfillment process automatically. All of the Yakkyofy services are available in just a few clicks, directly on our software, with no manual work required.

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