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The Splendid Passive Income Solutions from your Home of Decentralized Finance!

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Sep 5, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Unidot, a decentralized staking protocol, has announced its ICO sale of UT tokens. The sale is now live, and it is the ideal time to commence your crypto investments.

Amidst a wide range of DeFi protocols that bestow the crypto admirers with limited opportunities, Unidot is an exception. It is an open-source, decentralized, community-driven DeFi protocol that facilitates users with staking and yield farming. The non-custodial service offered by the platform will allow users to manage their funds individually, and no governing bodies will be involved. They assist users with payment flexibility by accepting both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins (BTC), Ether (ETH), TRON (TRX), Binance Coin (BNB). Unidot’s unique staking platforms and high return on investment rates give the platform an upper hand.

UT – The Indigenous Token of the Platform: 

Unidot (UT) is the native utility token of the platform. It is a BEP-20 standard token built on the robust base of the Binance Smart Chain network. Preferring this network would assure the users of the platform with faster transactions at affordable prices. Staking these tokens in a particular plan would make users reap remarkable rewards.

Get to Know the Merits of Unidot: 

The first and foremost merit of owning a UT token is that it offers an excellent passive income solution for the users of the platform. Unidot is known for its high yield rates. It is comparatively higher than the other DeFi platforms in the market. The entire process is managed by smart contracts, and it greatly contributes to security. It is meticulously designed to provide the best-in-class user interface which is effective, interactive, and attractive. This interface makes it easy for the participants to kick-start their crypto investments instantly. On the whole, Unidot is a community-driven platform that strongly believes in collective growth.

The Scope of Unidot: 

As an organization backed up by adept blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, they have plans to commence their own decentralized exchange with an assorted range of DeFi services. Also, their groundbreaking roadmap includes plans to launch their own blockchain network.

Thus unidot operates with a vision to redefine the sector with ingenious and sophisticated staking strategies so as to offer users a seamless staking experience. The interesting news is that Unidot’s ICO is live. Participate in the sale to start purchasing the UT tokens. Visit https://unidot.finance/ to know more on its staking and referral plans

— The Splendid Passive Income Solutions from your Home of Decentralized Finance!

— Unidot – An Overview

Unidot is an esteemed staking service provider with a crew of adept professionals who
are immensely enthusiastic about decentralized finance. We yearn to open the door for
next-gen financial earnings exclusively forged for the investors. Our impressive interest
rates render umpteen opportunities to earn remarkable returns. Catch hold of our
astounding passive income solutions firmly!

— Get to know Unidot much deeper!
Unidot is an open, transparent, and entirely decentralized framework. Being a Binance
Smart Chain-backed platform, permits the investors to glean the attractive staking
rewards instantly. We strive to enhance the sustainability of the staking industry through
our phenomenal services that bestow users a seamless staking experience. The
non-custodial staking nature facilitates the investors to comprehensively have control
over their private keys, which ensures robust security for their funds.

What’s so special in Unidot?
The following are the reasons to prefer Unidot as your staking partner!
– Trustworthy and Reliable platform
– Appealing Interest Rates
– Community-Driven Platform
– Sound Experts
– Optimal Rewards
– Autonomous Platform
– Peer-to-Peer and Decentralized Platform

Perks of Unidot:
Get to know the exhilarating perks of the Unidot platform.
– Passive Income: Unidot lends your hands in making you earn passive
incomes just by staking the cryptocurrencies for a fixed plan.
– Smart-Contract Powered: The use of smart contracts ensures the safety
and prevents fraudulent activities.
– Fascinating Return Rate: Our return rates are higher comparatively so
as to yield you good profits.
– Effortless Process: Our captivating user interface would leave the
stakers with a simple and effortless process of staking.

Catch a Glimpse of Unidot’s Future:
With the best-in-class services, Unidot further yearns to deploy to reach a brand-new
phase in the crypto staking service through incorporating up-to-the-minute technologies
and concepts, thereby serving the investors with a hassle-free staking experience.

Purchase. Stake. Earn
An Excellent Passive Income Solution!
— Roadmap – Unidot’s Journey Right from Scratch
… Phase 1: Development of Unidot Coin (UT)
… Phase 2: Development of Unidot’s Web Wallet
… Phase 3: Launch of Unidot’s Staking Protocol in Binance Launchpad
… Phase 4: Liquidity Providing through Exchange of UT Coin.

— Unidot’s Coin Economics:

Below is our specially crafted coin economics of Unidot
COIN NAME                   – UNIDOT
COIN SYMBOL               – UT
TOTAL COIN SUPPLY     – 27,00,000
COMPANY HOLDING      – 5,00,000
USER SUPPLY                – 20,00,000
FREE AIRDROP              – 2,00,000

Unidot’s Staking Plan:
Our exquisite staking plan to claim high returns include,
 6-MONTHS STAKING PLAN  -0.33% daily Yield
12-MONTHS STAKING PLAN -0.33% daily Yield
18-MONTHS STAKING PLAN -0.33% daily Yield

NOTE: Daily ROI of 0.33% is approximately 10% monthly
The Withdrawal Limit – $10 (Minimum amount that can be withdrawn)

Minimum Purchase of our coin – $50
Maximum Purchase of our coin – $1000

— Incredible Registration Rewards:
With our coins allocated for free airdrop (2,00,000 coins), we present you rewards for
each registration that happens in our platform.

The coins will be staked for 6 months without a profit.

— Unidot’s Referral Plan:
We value your referrals and reward you then and there!

LEVEL1   -10%
LEVEL 2   -5%
LEVEL 3   -3$
LEVEL 4   -1%
LEVEL 5   -0.5%
LEVEL 6   -0.5%

Level – 1 is a direct referral.
If that individual refers to the next person, it becomes a Level-2 referral for you and so

Unidot’s Income on YIELD:
Based on your levels, Yield includes,

LEVEL1   -10%
LEVEL 2   -5%
LEVEL 3   -3$
LEVEL 4   -1%
LEVEL 5   -0.5%
LEVEL 6   -0.5%

We accept your payments through,
Bitcoins (BTC), Ether (ETH), TRON (TRX), Binance Coin (BNB)

We pay you through Binance Coin (BNB)  & Smart Chain BNB % TRON

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