CMN’s Second Round of IEO is Live on ProBit Exchange

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After the success of Crypto Media Network (CMN Token)’s 1st IEO round, 2nd round now commences on Probit. The Duration of IEO is from 3rd September 08:00 UTC to 13th September 08:00 UTC

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Delhi, India Sep 5, 2021 ( – CMN’s Second Round of IEO is Live on ProBit Exchange

After the success of Crypto Media Network (CMN Token)’s 1st IEO round, the 2nd round now commences on Probit. The Duration of IEO is from 3rd September 08:00 UTC to 13th September 08:00 UTC

The CMN token can be bought for $1.5/CMN during this round.

If users purchase CMN through PROB, they will gain 5% more CMN. PROB is the ProBit Exchange’s native token, whose holders can take advantage of multiple airdrops and benefits.

What is Crypto Media Network(CMN)?


Crypto Media Network provides a variety of cryptocurrency-related news, charts, and widgets. As the company argues, fake and uncertain news, knowledge gaps, and other inefficiencies in crypto media must be addressed. The platform provides unflinching reporting by experts who deliver accurate information.

With CMN Token, the paradigm of investment is being revolutionized. Through the use of blockchain technology, CMN Tokens could be used to make transactions more transparent, fast, secure, and cost-effective. Additionally, CMN Tokens can be used to participate in investment programs like yield farming and staking to earn passive income as CMN is a strong advocate for Blockchain, Play-To-Earn, and the entire DeFi ecosystem.

CMN will use more organic approaches to promotions instead of conventional methods wherein paid promotions attract all the attention. That is, they claim to consider crypto tokens as genuine only after they verify the intent of the teams backing them. 


The cryptocurrency news and information channel will feature cryptocurrency widgets, charts, and trends. In addition to the CMN publication, a newspaper journal, shows on OTT, token reviews, market analysis, and other services will be offered. Along with blockchain technology, CMN will also cover other topics related to fintech. Initially, operations will be launched in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Additional countries will be added in the future.

The token is valued at $1.5 per CMN Token. Acquiring CMN Tokens will not only enable people to unleash the potential and benefits of a digital currency but also enable them to own a currency that is free from any central authority, thus enabling people to have complete control over their transactions and funds.

How to buy CMN?



                 Register with Easy registration on Probit




                Choose from the wide constiety of available crypto tokens.




                The token is sent directly to your wallet.


After the IEO is concluded, CMN Token will be available on Probit and other CEXs. 

Why Crypto Media Network

The Crypto Media Network believes that eluding fake news and bringing forth unbiased opinions is our motto, and as such we’re committed to staying away from fake news. Our belief in a decentralised ecosystem drives our outreach and analyses while sailing on a transparent boat of education while educating the crypto-verse.

Tokenomics of CMN Token

ICO                                                  3M   (10%)

IEO                                                  4M  (13.33%)

Founder and Community                4.1M (13.66%)

Reserve and Exchange                  3.4M (11.33%)

Ecosystem & Marketing                  2M    (6.66%)

Misc and Operation                        2.5M  (8.33%)

Product and Innovation                  1M     (3.33%)

Staking                                           5M     (16.66%)   

Farming                                          5M     (16.66%)

CMN’s Future

After the IEO is completed, Staking and Farming service will be initiated for CMN holders so that they can earn passive rewards by staking or creating farms with CMN token, post that, the CMN token will be launched on multiple undisclosed centralised exchanges, additionally, Multiple utilities of the CMN token will be added, that being said, might give the token a price surge, And by the third quarter of 2022, CMN will come up with its own blockchain.


What is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)?

An Initial Exchange Offering, or IEO, is a token sale handled by a cryptocurrency exchange. 

The benefits are obvious: blockchain projects undergo a thorough vetting process, where their white papers are scrutinized, and their crowdfunding campaign will also be promoted, with a sure-shot listing on the exchange.

There is a great deal as more due diligence is involved with IEO platforms compared to ICOs, which makes them more attractive to investors.


The best part about IEOs is that you are one of the first holders of the token, you get tokens at a fixed price, after which it will be tradable on an exchange, which will lead to a price surge with further developments of the project.


What is the difference between ICOs and IEOs?

ICOs and IEOs are technically the same, but where a coin or token is offered makes a difference. In contrast to direct investment, IEO tokens are offered through an exchange partnered with the project, rather than directly to investors.


With a public ICO, anyone can participate, whereas with an IEO only the members of that exchange can purchase the tokens. As such, if you’re interested in a specific coin that’s due to be released, then you can join an exchange, so we’re not creating any barriers to entry for retail investors.


In some cases, an IEO might be easier to obtain than an ICO. Tokens do not need to be bought and stored using the specific steps of each ICO, but rather according to the standard procedure of that particular exchange. The exchange establishes the terms for purchase so that the process is standard from one offering to the next.



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