TRON-based BGB created a new era of digital currency

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Afono, Eastern Aug 15, 2021 ( – BTC has created a new era of digital currency, BINANCE has built a new level of centralized exchanges, and the emergence of Uniswap has formulated new rules for decentralized transactions. With the advent of Web3.0, the blockchain industry continues to iteratively develop. On August 15, Be Grateful Btc (BGB) was launched. BGB thanks Satoshi Nakamoto & CZ!

TRON-based BGB’s innovative Web3.0 mechanism is derived from the idea of BTC

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BGB is a new decentralized revolution jointly initiated by DEFI players composed of global BTC beneficiaries. Following the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, all decisions are jointly managed by the entire community and are 100% decentralized! BTC has a pizza transaction unit price of US$0.0025 in May 2010 to US$50,000 in May of this year. In this short period of eleven years, BTC has increased by 250 million times. Simply put, if you bought $1 of BTC ten years ago to this year You will have 250 million US dollars, which translates to over 1 billion yuan. Many people miss the opportunity for wealth and freedom brought by BTC and BINANCE, and BGB came into being under this background. Combining the advantages of decentralization of BTC and DeFi, BGB uses a consensus mechanism to enhance investors’ cognition and help more people gain wealth freedom in the wave of digital wealth.

Holding BGB can get 7 benefits

1. Justswap transactions earn thousands of fees.

2. BGB Staking will receive a permanent dividend of 8% TRON.

3. Join the LP pool of BGB to mine more BGB.

4. Trade BGB to get 100 times MBGB tokens for airdrop.

5. The price increase of BGB caused by the deflation mechanism after the destruction of BGB

6. The BGB pool continues to increase the value-added income of TRON.

7. Automatically quantify the benefits obtained in the LP pool.

Reasons for participating in BGB

The total amount of BGB is 210,000 and is continuously burning, which is extremely scarce. BGB is establishing a new standard of DeFi token economics through its innovative gameplay system and game-changing use cases. This concept of decentralization is now revolutionizing the cryptocurrency world. In the BGB protocol, tokens are continuously burned in circulation, increasing the value of BGB. The tokens collected from the transaction tax are converted into TRON and all used for BGB staking reflection rewards, which will generate real consumption from the circulating supply, continue to improve the consensus and value of BGB, so that every BGB holder can obtain Earnings, realize the freedom of wealth as soon as possible!


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