YepiPet App Continues to Impress as it Launches Even More Rich Features Valuable to Pet Care

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YepiPet now supports multiple species care


YepiPet is a new and free-emerging mobile pet care app created by BiiGreen LLC to assist pet owners in keeping their pets happy and healthy.


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Bellingham, Washington Aug 15, 2021 ( – Raising a happy, healthy pet can be difficult and time-consuming, but YepiPet, the smartest pet care app in the market, makes it a whole lot easier. In its newest version, the mobile pet management solution added more improvements and new features which include opening its doors to multiple pet species. The newest version of “YepiPet” was recently released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

YepiPet now equips with many helpful features that allow pet owners to stay on top of their pets’ care, health, and growth. Additionally, YepiPet increases the owner’s knowledge of and access to affordable, quality pet products and helps them keep track of all important care and information relating to their pet. Valuing its user feedbacks after its recent announcement, YepiPet is now back with even more features for its users designed for inclusiveness and practicality. Now, YepiPet announces its Multi-Species Support, Routine Care Tracking, Medical Record, and Contact Book specifically curated for pet owners.

Multi-Species Care

Pet owners can now manage the most common house pets in YepiPet with its newest multi-species care feature. YepiPet has enhanced the app to support even more animal species. YepiPet now supports birds, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses, lizards, rabbits, snakes, and turtles with extra room for more!

Routine Care Tracking

TYepiPet continues to further enhancing its routine care tracking feature. With the latest improvement, YepiPet allows users to choose the routine care tasks that are performed on their pets regularly. These tasks will show on the pet’s dashboard. Pet owners can easily record routine care easily and quickly.

YepiPet also allows users to record their pet’s care with photos, instructions, and details. With the ability to add notes and photos to each care routine, pet owners are free to write whatever they wish to remember when it comes to certain activities, like the shampoo brand used for grooming. All information will be summarized and easily shared in a comprehensive health and care report in a shareable link. In this way, pet owners will be able to leave their pets to caregivers hassle-free.

Medical Record

Most importantly, YepiPet now allows you to take control of your pet’s information and medical records. You can now record your pet’s allergy, medical condition, or active medication. With YepiPet, you can now keep track of your pet’s medical records and easily share them with other caretakers, as well as easily create medication schedules to ensure treatment plans are fully executed.  Medical records can come in very handy during emergency situations or even during simple vacations. This feature allows you to be actively involved in your pet’s health. And, you can be sure that they are happy and healthy.

Contact Book

YepiPet now allows users to manage the contact information of people essential to their pet’s health care like their veterinarian, their favorite grooming place, or even friends they meet in the park. YepiPet app stores this data and allows pet parents to contact their pets’ caregivers directly with just one click. With this feature, emergency contacts are now easier to reach by simply opening the YepiPet app. The contact book also allows pet owners to log details such as a specific contact’s website as well as a map that will contain their location like for vet clinics or hospitals making it easier for pet parents to navigate.

With these developments, YepiPet continues to raise the bar for pet care apps and it is not stopping any time soon. YepiPet is available for download on iOS and Android. More information about YepiPet is available on and the YepiPet blog.

About BiiGreen LLC and YepiPet

YepiPet’s work is inspired by their genuine love and care for their cats and dogs at home and in their community. YepiPet is the ultimate smart pet parenting app for furry friends. Pet owners and pet care professionals will have the opportunity to work together on the best way to love and care for these animals. Keeping their vaccination updated, completing pet chores, and finding information about their pets has never been this convenient.

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