Supply chain startup “Supplyz” feed 500s in need during second wave

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500+ people were provided with food during second wave: Supply chain startup

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Patna, Bihar Aug 27, 2021 ( – The second COVID-19 wave in India has been catastrophic, hunger and unemployment struck all over the nation. In this disastrous situation, we, at Supplyz, a B2B hyper-local supply chain management company, partnered with Cashaa, a UK-based Banking platform, to provide food to around 1000 families in need. 

The campaign #nonesleepshungrycampaign was initially started by Cashaa in Jaipur in May. Later, in July, Cashaa teamed up with us i.e., Supplyz, to distribute relief kits in Patna. We ensured a well-organized and well-timed supply of relief kits across multiple regions. We also helped provide upliftment and assistance to the people of Patna during difficult times.

Sunny Kumar, Founder, and CEO, Supplz, said, “With nearly 195 million undernourished people, India shares a quarter of the global hunger burden. We will keep working to make more such opportunities to feed the needy.”

A major challenge in front of us was the diminishing supply chain transparency due to an increase in supplies and delivery areas. To overcome this challenge, and gain the confidence of our users, and enable high visibility, accountability, and data security throughout the campaign we used blockchain technology. All supply chain transactions were recorded on a real-time basis to ensure the smooth operation of the campaign as well as to make relevant information accessible for the donors and other stakeholders involved in the relief efforts. It also helped enhance the traceability and visibility of the relief kits. The donors had full access to the data on how their funds are being utilized, as well as on data integrity, size, supplies, beneficiaries, and so on. 

Talking about the relief kit, each kit consisted of: Atta Flour 10kg, Rice 1kg, Dal 2kg, Mustard Oil 1L, Salt 1kg, Chilli Powder 250g, Turmeric 100g which was enough to feed a family of four for 15 days. We put in our best and sincere efforts to make sure every person in need was provided with the kit, along with blockchain end-to-end transcription to maintain full transparency.

We are truly thankful to Cashaa for making us a part of this campaign and giving us a chance to lend a helping hand to the people in need. We provided a safe, efficient, and manageable supply and delivery tracking system that boosted the organization’s COVID-19 relief efforts. We ensured that the delivery of relief kits across various regions occurs smoothly and maintained transparency with this we successfully completed the campaign.


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