Another Life’s Punch: Freaking Bike Accident

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Lamont Powell

Where moments felt unconscious and life was again at stake

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Boston, Massachusetts Aug 23, 2021 ( – Two years after a terror story of gunshots, life again tested Powell with some freaking incidents. Fast forward to 2020, when the entire world was distressed with the pandemic, Powell witnessed an additional life-threatening event – this time in the form of a freaking accident.

It was when 27-year old Lamont Powell was preparing himself for the day at training. This Thursday afternoon made him reflect back on his life and the same fear of counting the last breaths came across. He says, “All I remember was crashing off the bike which was running at the speed of 55 miles per hour and my cousin screaming for the help.” He further adds that he couldn’t remember anything except his fear of losing life and fell unconscious,”

The next day when he got his senses back, he found himself in the hospital with a fractured knee, a broken finger, bruises, and scrapes. This did shock him and he decided not to ride a bike again, He says, “His life is too valuable to be on the two wheels.” After three weeks of complete recovery, Lamont went back to training in the ring for his next fight.

Post recovering from his freaking accident, Powell did face some difficulties. He remembers getting into the ring with an opponent who knocked him out cold. These drowning events always remind him of his grandfather who has raised him since he was just three years old. His passion and respect for his grandfather’s efforts have made him grow into a gentle professional. He says, “Every fight is a big fight for me, I don’t look at no fight like it less and no fight like it’s bigger.” Thus, he believes in making the best out of each moment and blessed opportunities.

To the world, bad events come across as a sad memory, but to Powell, they are the life lessons and awaken his healthy senses.


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