New Launch Staffing Company Targeting Parents

Taylor Kelly

High Paying Stay At Home Positions For Parents

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Jacksonville, Florida Aug 19, 2021 ( –  

— Taylor Kelly, known as Melanin CreditNurse Stella on social media outlets. Mother of 4 and CEO of over 10 different successful companies at age 25 is now launching a new business called “Realistic Staffing Company” From our interview with Taylor (Melanin CreditNurse Stella) we asked her what made her start a staffing business. She tells us ” I started this business because it truly saddens me that it’s so many parents being forced to send their children back to school during this outrageous Covid-19 pandemic. Then to top this off the rent prices have skyrocketed, we are not talking about a $100.00 increase we are talking $300-$500 increase. With the jobs that most parents have, they are barely making ends meet getting paid $15-$22 an hour. It’s extremely hard for parents to find decent at-home jobs so that’s why I started realistic staffing. At-home jobs will start at $26 an hour for all work-at-home jobs. The hiring process will take 2-3 weeks from the time applicants apply. On the website, applicants will be able to create their resumes and start applying for high-paying stay-at-home jobs. I am praying that this will help a lot of parents out finically and keeping the children safe at home.” We must say Taylor is a game-changer for us all.

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