Artist Justin Lee Jarrell’s Contribution in Preserving the Virtues of Music through his Soundscape

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 19, 2021 ( – Music artist Justin Lee Jarrell presents the soundscape filled with true ambition in leading communities of the world towards a direction of collective harmony through music.

Justin Lee Jarrell’s music stands as a voice that aims at bridging cultural and social differences. His music carries the purpose of reuniting the human force and leads them towards a happy and harmonious time. Some of his greatest influences in music are Whitney Houston and Freddie Mercury. Their vocal prowess and persona form significant elements of the artist’s own musical acts. With a captivating production programmed with his music, he is always standing out with his band in full support delivering the best music and entertainment at their disposal.

He came out with his debut album in October 2020 that gained over 150K streams on Spotify and nearly 100K views on YouTube for its music video. Releasing an album in the middle of a pandemic was a challenge but he along with his team has made progress over time.

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He is currently planning his second album in association with different producers for a tentative 2022 release. He is recording a new single at this moment which is slated for release later in 2021. The song is a remake of the 80’s classic ballad, ”Total Eclipse of The Heart”. He is in talks with artist Bonnie Tyler’s management team for collaboration with this song. With a distinct aim of garnering millions of fans and recognition by Grammy, he is only moving forward towards building a memorable career. According to Justin Lee Jarrell, his creative accomplishment will come with making more music for an ever-expanding fan base, getting signed by a major music label, reaching out to the world with his music, and create a foundation to help up and coming artists.

Born 16th January 1989 in Merrillville, Indiana, he grew up in close association with his musically-inclined family that led to early exposure to the invasive world of melodies and rhythms. Music played a significant role in building a personality that would often go into an escape from the harsh realities of life. Playing with the church band during his teenage years, he mastered playing the piano, singing, and writing songs. All his early experiences paved the way for his direction in life as well. 

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