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Vibration Isolators Market

The Global Vibration Isolators Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% during the forecasting period (2021-2028).

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Vibration isolators are useful for reducing the transmission of noise and vibration between two structures or equipment. The vibration isolators are useful for protecting the structures or equipment from damage during operations and natural calamities. Vibration isolators have the ability to reduce vibration transmission at higher frequencies. Vibration isolators can operate more smoothly and quietly. These isolators provide fewer disturbances to surrounding equipment and personnel. These isolators permit a great transmission of vibration at the resonant frequency of the system. 

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Market Dynamics:

The market is driven by the rising demand for vibration isolators to protect from vibration in the construction sector due to rotating heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and escalators. The vibration isolators are less susceptible to damage. The vibration isolators have the resistibility to corrosion along with the ability to perform in elevated temperatures. There are growing vibration isolators in the aerospace and defense industries, including tanks, drones, missiles, and marine applications. The growing necessity of fire protection and sustainability in the construction and manufacturing industries shall stimulate market growth.

There is an increase in the launch of the vibration isolators. For instance, in May 2020, Minus K Technology, a leading manufacturer of passive vibration isolation products had launched the Negative-Stiffness vibration isolation platform – the ultra-thin, low-height model CT-2 passive isolator at just 2-1/2 inches in height, delivering 1/2 Hz vertical natural frequency, and 1-1/2 Hz horizontal natural frequency considerably more low-frequency vibration isolation performance compared to air tables and active systems. The new CT-2 isolator comes in several capacity ranges to match vibration-sensitive instruments such as SPMs (AFMs, STMs, etc.), micro-hardness testers, profilers, interferometers, electron microscopes, or other imaging systems, for weight loads from 20 to 250 lbs.

In May 2017, Technical Manufacturing Corp. (TMC) had launched the UltraDamp, a very-high-damping pneumatic vibration isolation system that is ideal for vibration-sensitive applications with high-force, high-velocity, X-Y motorized stages that require fast settling time of the payload. UltraDamp isolators provide a more aggressive damping level that ensures that the air isolators’ resonant frequency is not amplified by more than 3-5 dB. The UltraDamp is ideal for semiconductor, liquid crystal display (LCD), photovoltaic cell (PVC) inspection and lithography tools, and other instruments with motorized stages that require both vibration isolation and aggressive settling of payload-induced motion.

However, the vibration, shock, and noise disturbances range from simple annoyances that hinder market growth. These adverse effects have resulted in shortened equipment life and can negatively affect the vibration isolators’ performance, reliability, comfort, and safety.

Segment Analysis:

By Product Type

  • Mechanical Isolators
  • Air Isolators Mounts
  • Compact Pneumatic Isolator
  • Elastomeric Isolators
  • Others

By Application

  • Transportation
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Electronics
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Architecture
  • Others

Geographical Presentation

By region, the global vibration isolators market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and Africa. Among all of the regions, North America dominated the global vibration isolators market and is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecasted period due to the higher usage of the vibration isolators in various industries such as architecture, transportation, aerospace and defense, electronics, industrial, manufacturing, medical, and others. There is a growing demand for vibration isolators for attaining compliance with updated stricter building codes to make the structures capable of withstanding adverse conditions such as earthquakes and blasts. The increasing adoption of fire-retardant materials for providing fire protection and sustainability in the construction and manufacturing industries shall stimulate market growth. There is a presence of a large number of companies manufacturing vibration isolators. Several companies are developing technologically advanced vibration isolators.

Asia-Pacific is expected to have a positive market growth over the forecasted period due to the rapid industrialization as vibration isolators are widely used for industrial processes and equipment. There is a growing usage of vibration isolators for marine plants. There is increasing acceptance of vibration isolators for manufacturing high-end microscopy imaging systems and semiconductors. The growing research and development activities for the vibration isolators’ development will fuel market growth over the forecasted period.

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Competitive Analysis

The global vibration isolators market is highly competitive with the presence of several international and local markets. Product diversification, revenue generation, and opportunities intensify the market competition. E&B Rubber Metal Products Pvt, Ltd., IAC Acoustics, Trelleborg, AV Industrial Products Ltd, Fiber Rubber Bonding Ltd, Flexico, Anti-Vibration Methods Co. Ltd, VibraSystems Inc. are the leading market players with significant market share.

The major players focus on product development, novel product launch, market expansion, capacity utilization, and product diversification. For instance, in July 2018, Vibration isolators had launched the KillShock Vibration Isolator. The kill shock vibration isolator is a highly modular system capable of small to large payloads at an affordable price. Vibration isolators are useful for the prevention of any interference with the sensors when mounting on a vehicle.  

In November 2014, HVAC Brain, Inc. had added vibration isolators and anti-vibration pads manufactured by Vibro-Acoustics to their online product offering. Vibro-Acoustics products carried by HVAC Brain are designed to eliminate vibrations and audible noise produced by HVAC equipment.

In June 2015, Technical Manufacturing Corp. (TMC) had launched CleanBench, the next generation of the company’s laboratory tables. CleanBench combines TMC’s superior Gimbal Piston air vibration isolation system with a new tabletop design that provides more stability and better ergonomics in a compact design.

Companies are using collaborations, acquisitions, mergers, and strategies for holding their position in the market. For instance, In April 2019, Alpha Acoustiki Ltd. had entered into a collaboration with the EKU Acústica that operates in Colombia. Under the terms of the agreement, EKU Acústica would be the representative and distributor of Vibration isolation products VIBRO throughout the Colombian market. This collaboration would help the company present and establish its Vibration Isolation products in Colombia and the wider Latin American region.

In January 2012, AMETEK, Inc. had acquired the Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC), a world leader in high-performance vibration isolation systems and optical test benches used to isolate susceptible instruments for microelectronics, life sciences photonics, and ultra-precision manufacturing industries.

In October 2012, Newport Corporation had acquired the products and technology of Vistek, a Tempe, Arizona-based manufacturer of advanced vibration isolation solutions. The new products would be offered under Newport’s VIBe family of isolation products and include mechanical isolation bearings, benchtop platforms, and stand-alone workstations. All of the new products feature patented isolator bearing technology that provides maintenance-free vibration isolation for sensitive equipment.

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