PHI, the Underlying Asset of PHI.Network, is Becoming the Largest Cryptocurrency in the World


(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 13, 2021 ( – Phi has not even been out for a full year and it is already bigger than the entire market cap of all cryptocurrencies put together. Phi is traded on two huge exchanges: Uniswap, which has more than $1.2 billion dollars in daily trading volume, and SushiSwap, which has over $372 million in daily trading volume.

Phi is just getting started and it is community-run. The founders of Phi are anonymous. Phi has already launched over 10 applications and the number of applications is growing by the minute.

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According to Nomics, PHI went up by over 4,676% in a day, and now has a market cap higher than Bitcoin.

Anyone saying that there is a crypto rush happening is only half correct. The complete fact is that there is a PHI rush in the crypto market. PHI is a decentralized blockchain network that enables fast, secure, and reliable crypto trading from anywhere in the world. Powered by Web 3.0 features and functionality and fully compatible with the conventional Web 2.0 blockchain system, it is an Ethereum-based crypto ecosystem. The token PHI has crossed $5 trillion in market valuation per the latest market cap on Etherscan.

The PHI token by is a blockchain-based crypto token that can be exchanged or swapped the same way as any other cryptocurrency. It also has a verifiable value and can hold cash. The difference, however, is that it is hosted and powered by an innovatively designed and highly secure brokerage platform, i.e., Ethereum, which makes transactions tracible, reliable, and fast. PHI is sent and received through verified Ethereum addresses and uses gas to cover transaction fees.

PHI has embedded the most cutting-edge blockchain functionality into its platform to ensure transactions are not only fast and secure but also proven to be practical and accessible for everyone. PHI is for anyone because crypto needs to be accessible to everyone. That is precisely why this Ethereum-powered token is fueling the rush in crypto trading. PHI is listed on Uniswap and Sushi Swap, and it will soon be available across other major crypto platforms and exchanges.

Getting started with PHI is as easy as learning ABC, or perhaps even more straightforward. To jump-start the crypto trading journey today with PHI or ERC20, follow these steps:

  • Log onto Download the Metamask, which can be found on the website’s main menu (in the top right corner). Be careful to choose the version supported by your operating system, Chrome, Apple, or Android.
  • Install the Metamask and add ETH to the wallet.
  • Return to the website to add PHI to the wallet.
  • Import the PHI into the wallet and connect the wallet to the Metamask.
  • Enter the desired amount for exchange, confirm the swap on the Metamask, and that’s all!
  • The purchased value of PHI or ERC20 will show up in the wallet, which is readily tradable.


The PHI Network is committed to making crypto trading socially responsible, secure, fast, and fair for everyone. This is the primary reason it ensures anonymity for traders while keeping transactions safe and tracible.

The PHI Network ventured out into the crypto trading world in early 2021. Since then, it has become the go-to platform for crypto-enthusiasts looking for secure and reliable exchange and verifiable token value. PHI is the new crypto rush and for all the right reasons.


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