Reid Moore, Prominent Palm Beach Attorney and Politician, Joins Planet Startup Board

Reid Moore


Served two terms in the Florida House of Representatives and elected as the youngest Mayor in the history of West Palm Beach


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- West Palm Beach, Florida Jun 15, 2021 ( – Planet Startup, a 501(c)3 Public Charity focusing on human capital development – international microloan banking –  mentoring and job creation in the US and around the world, a member of the Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations, and the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, today announced the appointment of Reid Moore to its board. Dr. Jerald Feinstein, Planet Startup co-founder, announced, “Reid served two terms in the Florida House of Representatives as well as Mayor of West Palm Beach, and he brings a unique skillset to Planet Startup.” Reid’s goal is to increase partnerships to help expand Planet Startup’s Global Entrepreneurial Academy Program within Florida, expand its Entrepreneurial Prosperity Zones internationally, and increase microfinance activities to help sustain startups through his work with organizations such as Sister Cities International and others.

“We are pleased to welcome Reid Moore to our Board,” said D. Alex Chuang, co-founder of Planet Startup as “Reid’s deep experience in government and international goodwill initiatives coupled with a strong legal background will be invaluable to Planet Startup as we pursue our mission to create entrepreneurial, free-market prosperity zones in the US and around the world through our Global Entrepreneurial Academies and microfinance initiatives.”

Reid, a Yale University and Virginia Law School graduate before he moved to Florida where he served two terms in the Florida House of Representatives and elected as the youngest Mayor in the history of West Palm Beach, and appointed General Counsel for the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser, and currently is or has been a member of several clubs and civic organizations, including the American Bar Association past Director, American Red Cross, Vice-President of the Beach Club, founding member of the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches and Director, Fraternal Order of Police, Jaycees of West Palm Beach past President, Northwood Lodge and Amara Shrine, United Fund, the Greater West Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and the YMCA.

About Planet Startup, . . .  We are an all-volunteer nonprofit, a member of the Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations, founded to create a network of micro-banks, cryptocurrencies, new companies, wealth, and jobs by mentoring and coaching youth and adults in marginalized communities throughout the United States and around the world.  Training those, capable to become entrepreneurial leaders by helping them to grow their own Internet-leveraged companies through education, mentoring, investing, creating partnerships, and financing as well as instilling the entrepreneurial spirit and excitement of a free-market environment to help ensure success.

We believe talent and initiative are evenly distributed over the planet; however, opportunity and access to computers, affordable Internet, training, reliable power, banking, and the capital markets are not – – – our mission is to fix that through catalytic funding, innovative finance, win/win partnerships, technology, and reliable Internet access.

We are expanding partnerships as well as cobranding and creating charitable opportunities for corporations, associations, schools, universities, religious organizations, and governments to further our common missions and develop opportunities in the United States and around the world with a relentless pursuit of excellence and authenticity in service to our clients.  Contact us for partnership opportunities.



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