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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Aug 11, 2021 ( – Launched less than a week ago, Doobits NFT Collection has already reached 17 ETH volume on OpenSea, with more than 800 Doobits adopted by the community. But all collectors who have adopted Doobits do not yet know the true face of their doggy. All Doobits are hidden and will also be revealed according to the roadmap. 

Some collectors seem to believe that Doobits has everything to take off because of its new concept. We already can see the power of hype on the secondary market in which some Doobits are being sold at a much higher price, although they are still hidden. So far the most expensive Doobits ever sold was Doobit #8 and Doobit #2895 both bought for 0.38 ETH in the transactions 0x26f5a61b15700ea54159c6df96d1349b07d08731ba63f10c3c8e266ade4717ed and 0x6f6b7ecca7e9a35e74ada0e00f1fc08cb0c3ce7ef1c31ac73422fd7035f0fa1e.

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Although Doobits origin story is fictional, it is possible to notice that the creators of the project are very fond of dogs. It’s funny and charming the way Doobits was born – you can check it out on their website.

It’s also noteworthy that Doobits artist is donating 5% of his revenue from the collection to NGOs that help Dogs.

This project that has just debuted on OpenSea is already receiving great attention from the community for showing how flexible smart contracts can be, and also bringing together the community itself in a whole new way of having cryptofun.

Doobits is not a game and is not a regular NFT Collection. This path in between may be starting a new hype in the NFT space. 


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