BABYSEC (BBSEC) Offers the Best Prospects of a Shitcoin Regulator and Crypto Educator

BBSEC Education Finance Internet Marketing Society

Decentralized Regulation Baby!

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Manila, Luzon Aug 7, 2021 ( – BABYSEC empowers the community of good players to build a working decentralized movement cleaning the crypto space. The idea is to return the investors’ trust back into the decentralized space once more allowing the infant blockchain to grow steadily in the process.

BABYSEC (BBSEC) is a Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) token that resided on top of the BSC network. Inspired by decentralization prospects, the aim is to create a change for the crypto community. Crypto Educational is the main foundation of such a grand plan to tackle the problem of scams and rugs towards the innovation zone.

The project’s first attempt was on July 20-27, 2021 but it failed because the minimum requirements to push an idea is not met. The BabySEC team tried it again to prove that they are not just rug lords for the community that trusted it. One solid reason for them to re-run the idea is because of the passion and mission. The second attempt was successful in achieving the maximum requirement at last.

Trust and mistrust is everything no matter how anonymous or doxxed the team’s are. It is a matter of building the relationship to the community.

The BABY represented the people while the SEC stands for Security and Exchange Community. The people that ride on an eagle building a new hope in crypto for the next generation X. The BABYSEC Ecosystem was composed of two layers for now, the Crypto Educational and Decentralized Finance Regulation.

The Education Ecosystem guides the people on how to do crypto the cool way while the DeFi Regulatory Ecosystem help build the platform to push its NFT gaming educational RPG idea to incentivize the prospect of each people joining in. Learning and earning while playing NFT will be the game-changer for the crypto World.

The BabySEC Community had a forum based one just like old Satoshi Nakamoto times. Remember Bitcointalk?

The Forum incentive is the crypto machine to assemble the eager spirited crypto learners and educators. The team proved their determination by successfully airdropping the first cycle rewards.

The Community has two ranks that powered up the goal. The Educators and Regulators role will greatly affect the future of the project. Educators can review tokens that are submitted to the forum to check if it is rug or not. The Regulator simply decides the conclusion by rechecking again for it to set up a two-way verification review decision.

The community is the secret ingredient for the project to grow further. A combined unit of Rug Hunters, Educators, Regulators, and so on can surely make the crypto a better place to stay. The discussion and topics that are included in the forum are Crypto, Blockchain, and Digital Things. BBSEC Token babynomics algorithm included the auto staking, deflation burn, and a passive earning with BUSD for every Strong HODLers.

Techrate audit is already secured for the assurance on its investors. The Community is growing because BabySEC is not just a meme or shitcoin but a real use-case in the World of cryptocurrency and blockchain.


The rate of rug pull and scams in the crypto space got pumped up to 80%! The reason why BABYSEC was booted up is to combat that rate and lower it by mass crypto educating the crowds.

BBSEC is the main incentive token for its goal of preaching and mass adopting cryptocurrency the decentralized way. This will allow us to leap up in the future of DeFi Regulation and Crypto Education.


The BBSEC Token is for utility that will be used by its community as a token use-case trading for its Ecosystem services and so on.

Security and Exchange Community

To build trust again for the Investors is the main goal hereby assembling a community of good players working altogether to build a new blockchain order in the crypto world. Build by the free builders of people hexagonian who are not slaved by the pyramid power of old. It is a must!

The Community Leadership aims to protect its community by helping each others while shielding the rear ranks.

Together as one joined creating a force from the good armies allowing the crypto community to leap forward. It is highly likely that the chance of accomplishing such an ambitious idea is high and nigh.


Charity is the helping hands of its mission by helping the people that got scammed in the crypto world letting them learn crypto the fun and cool way.

The community will help the people who got scammed by allowing the idea to spread on the basis of cause for change movement within the whole crypto community.

Crypto Education is the Prevention!

Conscientia, Spera, Salutem

The BabySEC has three visions, that are Awareness, Trust, and Safety.

Awareness is one of the most important key to it and without it the other two won’t work at all.

Trust aimed at returning the investors confidence again back into the doorknob of decentralized crypto space.

Safety will be the locker of such a vision that is to harness and build a trusted and aware crypto people’s safe mind and domain in the crypto World.


Building Awareness, Trust, and Safety for everyone is a dream for every good player out there stopping scams and lowering the success rate of rugs helping our society and ourselves.


The team had also been working hard to take care of its baby inside the crib allowing it to grow and become competitive in the market of adults. The token is already available in pancakeswap v2 for Liquidity and Trade. BBSEC is a Deflationary token that rewards the Diamond Hands for every three days while holding allowing it to be the anti-dump strategy of the token.

The forum itself is a natural shiller allowing the community to share the content inside to any social media channel sites for exposure.

Crypto Education

The members of the BABYSEC Forum can create guides and tutorials to push its awareness, trust, and safety vision. The content inside can be shared for all the people who are curious and willing to learn while earning the decentralized way while creating more challenges and events for the community.

Future Plans

The goal from its roadmap speaks for itself, to mass adopt crypto by mass preaching ideas and establishing an organization of good players in the crypto hemisphere while pushing an idea inside it.

Learn and Earn to Play

One of its goals is an NFT Educational RPG Game that teaches people how to earn and learn at the same time play on its NFT gaming adventure packed RPG experience. Visit their website at


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