Business Expert Offers Innovative Ways for Recruitment During Employee Shortage

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Leadership development expert and awarding author, Dr. Daryl D. Green, offers today’s small businesses recruitment strategies during the current worker shortage in the United States.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Knoxville, Tennessee Jul 28, 2021 ( – With COVID-19 continuing to impact businesses globally, today’s small businesses must consider new strategies during what has become a severe employment shortage.  In 2020, many businesses were forced to either furlough or lay off workers, especially in the tourist and food industries. As we move ahead with reopening the economy, businesses are now unable to operate effectively without quality workers. Leadership development expert and awarding author, Dr. Daryl D. Green, offers today’s small businesses recruitment strategies during the current worker shortage in the United States.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of job openings rose to a record level (9.29 million in May, from 9.19 million in April). There is clearly a shortage of workers, which means that employers feel they are forced to pay more to attract those fewer people still in the job market.  However, jobs are still going unfilled.

Dr. Green suggests that small businesses can’t afford the status quo to recruit during this employment shortage across the country.  Dr. Green explains, “During the COVID-19 situation, millions of small businesses were forced to lay off their employees. After re-opening the businesses, it is very hard to continue business operations due to the lack of quality human resources. Most businesses have a shortage of workers.  Customers see the downturn in service and quality.  Many employers have hiring signs up.  You got to be different.” Dr. Green is a distinguished consultant, management trainer, and founder of AGSM Consulting LLC.  Dr. Green strategies include:

  • Develop a human capital strategy that complements the emerging hiring trends.
  • Build an employee loyalty program/incentives to keep good employees so that small businesses protect their most valuable asset—quality employees.
  • Implement some aspects of artificial intelligence and automation into their operation for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develop an online recruitment program using Indeed, Glassdoor, and other recruitment websites.
  • If applicable, create or enhance a presence of LinkedIn for recruitment.
  • Connect with Generation Z employees by providing practical training such as micro internships with local universities. Programs like Oklahoma Baptist University provide business students with practical experience while providing businesses with marketing assistance.
  • Utilize flexible employee hours and remote options as a way to recruit and retain quality
  • Incorporate a meaningful, frequent reward system.
  • Allow employees to create and innovate in their working environment.

In today’s changing landscape, successful small businesses will implement effective recruitment and retention strategies.  Dr. Green adds, “With the shortage of workers, some businesses, especially small businesses, must retool their recruitment strategies in this competitive hiring climate.”

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About Dr. Daryl D. Green:

Dr. Daryl Green provides consulting guidance and management training for today’s small businesses. He and his wife Estraletta are the owners of AGSM Consulting LLC based in Tennessee. Additionally, Dr. Green is the Dickinson Chair of Business in the Paul Dickinson College of Business at Oklahoma Baptist University. He and his students have assisted over 100 businesses in the region with marketing and management expertise. If you would like more information about this article or wish to inquire about assistance for your business, please contact Dr. Green at [email protected] or visit

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