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Blue Sapphire July 21

What are the benefits of wearing Neelam Stone or Blue Sapphire

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- kolkata, West bengal Jul 28, 2021 ( – Khanna Gems is a renowned name in the world of gemstones and precious stones, the position of Blue Sapphire is undebatable. One of the most beautiful stones to exist, it has forever held the gaze and attention of civilizations across the world. It is no surprise that you would want to have a blue sapphire of your own, on whatever accessory it might be, as is expected. And it is equally natural for you to be anxious about the details of the stone and the price ranges that it occupies. Without further ado, let us get into it.

Blue Sapphire contrary to popular belief is essentially the most widely-found variant of sapphires. As most variants of Sapphire are, the Blue Sapphire or Neelam Stone is a member of the Corundum family of gemstones as well. Taking nothing from its beauty, this variant is of such high distribution, that for a long period of time it was known to be the only variant of Sapphire available. The gemstone comes in characteristic shades of blue, which differ amongst themselves according to origin. The most popular locations where blue sapphires are found naturally are Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Australia.  

There are some details and advisories that people looking to buy Blue Sapphire online need to be informed of. The stone is mythologically associated with the planet Saturn, which also happens to be a deity in Hinduism. The gemstone is consequently fabled to be extremely powerful in warding off evil of all kinds from its wearer. People are also known to buy Blue Sapphire for its reputation of being able to cure various physiological ailments such as complications of kidney and liver, and the gemstone is also known to be effective in cases that might otherwise seem complex.

The gemstone is also famous to be a nervous relaxant; it is known to ease the central nervous system of the wearer which grants them mental peace. Many folktales and fables also state the stone to possess the power and charm of an amulet and consider it to be extremely powerful in safeguarding the wearer against disasters and natural calamities. Eminent members of society and individuals appointed in important fields, such as political leaders, surgeons, government officials are known to prefer wearing a blue sapphire for good luck.

Some details that should help you in your purchase of blue sapphire are listed below:


  • Purchase a blue sapphire with as much clarity as possible. The more the transparency of the gemstone in question, the more will the gemstone shine.
  • The colour is a very important factor while purchasing blue sapphires. The most popular shades of stone are dark blue and velvet blue, which are used on pendants and rings throughout the world. Nevertheless, lighter shades are rarer and can be costlier than darker ones. It eventually depends on the choice of the buyer.
  • The cut is an important determining factor as well. An expert cut ensures the crystalline dazzle of the stone.


Purchase a blue sapphire only from trusted sources, such as Khanna Gems. With an expert panel of gemologists, you are sure to get an authentic gemstone for your buck at Khanna Gems, as you deserve.


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