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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Jul 25, 2021 ( – Rivo is a brand in laser hair removal service. Hair fall treatment and skincare. It deals with unwanted hair in women effectively.


Unwanted hair is a big problem for them in the areas where they never imagine seeing them growing. The areas like the upper lip, chin, lower leg, arm, Underarm, etc. The problem becomes big when hair starts growing remarkably and gets noticed by others. At parties or in any get-together they face awkward situations if they have missed their regular waxing, shaving, etc. All the traditional methods are not a permanent solution to unwanted hair. All those waxing, shaving, etc need to be done at regular intervals. How odd the skin appearance is in between two waxing sessions?  With small hair grown all around and you wait for your next session to get rid of that unwanted hair.



Riv’s Laser hair removal service in Mumbai is the ultimate answer to this specific problem. With advances in technology and precise methodology, the laser can be used effectively in removing the hairs permanently from the affected area. The laser machine produces a concentrated beam of laser rays. Laser rays carry heat energy. This heat energy is transported by the hair and passed on to the hair follicle. The heat burns the hair follicle, which is the root of hair growth, and makes them incapable of producing hair. This process is done taking utmost care so as not to damage the skin nearby. That is the reason a perfect wavelength and intensity of light is chosen for specific skin and hair types. The lighter is the skin and the darker is the hair, the perfect is the result. Although advanced technology has helped professionals to deal with all types of skin and hair. You need to be treated under the guidance of a trained and experienced professional.


Rivo has been in the business of laser hair removal service for a long time and has brought a good reputation among its clients. Rivo’s trained and experienced staff handle each and every case in a perfect way. They bring confidence to clients by explaining each bit of the working of the laser. All pros and cons are explained in detail before starting a session. Depending on the skin type and skin colour 4 to 8 sessions are required to get perfect results. After completion of the session, it is normal that no hair growth is seen in the treated area. In some cases, one can see very thin and light coloured hair growing. To get perfect and permanent results one may need annual maintenance. Whatever may be the scene, our experts know what exactly is expected after the session. So everything is transparent here at Rivo.


Regarding side effects, many show their concern before taking the session. But it can be noted that with the best machines such as UD FD-approved machines chances of any side effect are minimal. One can see redness or feel itching after the session. But those are very lived effect and normally goes in few hours.



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