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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jul 24, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – A new patented app “MyHipSmart” is about to be launched. This innovative app is designed from a custom customer point of view. It has technology that keeps track of input data and features that alerts the users before coupons, offers, recalls and their warranties expire. Founder Wayne Merry designed the app based on his love for Pandora radio and the fact that their A.I. introduced him to great musicians that he would have never found on his own. Statistics show, according to figures from Inmar, about 200 billion coupons were issued last year, and about 1 billion were redeemed. That means 99.5% of all coupons issued ended up going directly into the dumpster, or into digital oblivion. Let’s face it we have become brand loyal and love offers for our trusted products. The app is custom as the user only saves / stores the coupons and warranties they want, not spammed ones which is the current distribution process.! Then the app takes over and tracks the expiration date(s) and sends alerts to the user(s) before they expire. The app also has features like hyperlinks to purchase the product online as well as book appointments. Documents and files can also be stored for easy reference and to ensure credibility. The A.I. also can suggest similar products and services to the users making the consumer more informed to save money. Licensing is available with an API option to companies that wish to partner for their existing market.  
Web site – https://ownmyideas.wixsite.com/coupondistributors 

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