Filming has begun on “Godless Country”, a new film directed by Hajime Hashimoto!

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Tokyo, Japan Jul 17, 2021 ( – The new movie “Godless Country” directed by Hajime Hashimoto, the director of “AIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo” and “PI is in the Bar” series, has started filming in Tokyo.


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This story takes place in Japan, a “godless country” where those who make an effort are not rewarded but suffer even more…


Single mother Ryoko (Nana Yanagisawa) and her 14-year-old daughter Namie (Kayo Uemura) are struggling to make ends meet, but they are still trying to make the most of every day.


However, Ryoko is not getting paid enough for her work, her daughter is being bullied at school, and they have reached the end of their patience. Finally, Ryoko plans to move out, but she can’t even afford it.


With the help of Takako Takano (Yoko Otaka), who runs “Koala House,” a shelter for single mothers, the two are finally able to fall into a deep sleep in a safe place.


Despite this, a new fate begins to toss them around.


Ryoko is so desperate to work that she has long forgotten that she is a woman, but love comes her way, and someone with radical ideas appears in front of Namie.


Unbeknownst to her mother, Namie has been brainwashed.At a class presentation, Namie confesses that she wants to be a revolutionary who will turn this “godless country” upside down, and surprisingly, she is enthusiastically supported by many of her classmates.


They are engulfed in a terror they have never imagined


The mother, Ryoko, is acted by Nana Yanagisawa, who acted the heroine in “Masked Rider Kiva”, and the daughter, Namie, is acted by Kayo Uemura, who is 13 years old but has a strong presence. The role of Takako Takano, who runs the Koala House, is acted by Yoko Otaka, who gave an amazing performance in “Mrs. Noisy”. The film is scheduled to be released in 2022.



The film “Godless Country” is being auctioned as an NFT film on the NFT marketplace “OpenSea” until July 17, 2021.

Special Website of “Godless Country”

OpenSea Platform


NFT purchase privileges include the film’s scenario, production report, film credit (NFT number), an invitation to the first preview screening.

NFT film is a type of film production that utilizes a non-fungible token called NFT.



Comment from Director Hajime Hashimoto


The story depicts, with a bouncy touch, the splendor and horror that pervades the depths of modern Japan! We aim to create a woman’s lively entertainment filled with family love, romance, adventure, fear, laughter, anger, tears, and sorrow!


-Director Profile

Born in Niigata, Japan on January 17, 1968. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art and joined Toei in 1990. He was assigned to the Kyoto studio and made his directorial debut with “Oyado Kawasemi” (Yasuko Sawaguchi version). Since then, he has worked as an employee director for Toei in various genres, including period dramas, modern dramas, yakuza films, and the Super Sentai series, and left Toei in December 2013 to work as a freelance director on many films.



“Shin Zinginaki Tatakai/Bousatsu” was his first film and Participated in the Competition of Tokyo International Film Festival.

“PI is in the Bar” got Japan Academy Prize, Best Picture Award, Yujiro Ishihara Award.

“AIBOU series X DAY”

“Zebra” was exhibited at the Austin Fantastic Film Festival, USA

“AIBOU the Movie …”

“Signal the Movie: Police Department’s Cold Case Posse”

“HOKUSAI” was selected as the closing film for Tokyo International Film Festival 2020



How to Participate in Auctions

How to participate in the NFT marketplace “OpenSea”.

The “Godless Country NFT” will be released on “OpenSea”, the largest NFT marketplace that uses the virtual currency “Ethereum”.

So how do you actually participate in the auction and win the bid?

Let’s start with how to register on OpenSea.



  • Wallet


Anyone who owns Ethereum can freely register and participate in auctions on OpenSea. There is a certain fee when selling items, but registration and use are basically free.

However, in order to use OpenSea, you will need a wallet to store Ethereum. In this section, we will use the most popular wallet, Metamask, to explain.

For additional information on the functions of Metamask, please refer to “How to use Metamask” in the Appendix.



  • Send money to Metamask


Send Ethereum from your currency exchange to Metamask, which is a new function added to your browser (see the separate “How to use Metamask” for how to send money). Be careful not to leak your Metamask password or seed phrase to others.


3, Let’s access OpenSea!

If you’ve prepared everything up to this point, the rest is easy! Please access to Click on “My Account Settings” in the upper right corner of the top page to go to the sign-in screen for connecting to Metamask. Click on “Sign in” and you are all set.


4, Let’s participate in the auction!

Now let’s participate in the actual auction and try to win the Godless Country NFT! First of all, please click on the following link to go to the purchase screen:

On the screen, you can see the current price and price history along with the actual Godless Country NFT. Click on the “Bid” button to set the “Bid Amount”. The winning bidder will be determined after the pre-set “auction period” has passed. You can also participate in the bidding process by using the “Offer” function below. Clicking on the “Make an Offer” button will bring up a window where you can place your bid, and enter the amount you want to bid.




For inquiries about the film, please contact


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