American Aligner Society Expands Membership Benefits by Exclusively Endorsing the Elusive “Ortho Prophet”

Director of Operations Karrie Lykins

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Augusta-Richmond, Georgia Jul 17, 2021 ( – Founded in Augusta, Georgia, the American Aligner Society serves to provide unbiased truth to the public and industry professionals. The Ortho Prophet is their source. 


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The organization’s Director of Operations, Karrie Lykins spoke with ‘The Ortho Prophet’ during a recent podcast. “A voice personified, an exclusive-American Aligner Society endorsed, anonymous content contributor. Due to the anonymous nature, ‘The Ortho Prophet’ is able to provide members with authentic, unbiased interviews broadcasted from around the world on our podcast platform. Our members are privy to opinion pieces and interviews with patients, providers, and industry-leading experts. Information that, as previously mentioned, is unbiased yet raw and real so you can truly feel the emotions of the people interviewed. Especially patients.”


The exclusive content contributor has caused quite a stir in the dental community. “I bring awareness to the public and help patients that have been physically and monetarily affected by direct to consumer products.” According to ‘The Ortho Prophet’, “emails are received daily from patients that have lost hope and don’t know what steps to take next. It is rewarding and satisfying to help bring awareness to the crooked nature of these companies.” 


Recently added as an administrator in three large anti-direct to consumer social media groups, ‘The Ortho Prophet’ serves as a mentor to the members. “By standing up to the corporate bullies, patients have received their well overdue refunds and been referred to specialists to fix the issues these companies created.” 


The American Aligner Society is leveling the playing field and fighting for what is right. It is time for everyone else to as well. 


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Source :Karrie Lykins, American Aligner Society, Director of Operations

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