ImageCat and UCV Group form RESURANCES LLC, a venture specializing in risk management platforms and data solutions

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jul 14, 2021 ( – ImageCat and UCV Group have jointly formed RESURANCES LLC, a new start-up venture specializing in risk management platforms and data solutions.

RESURANCES will be making further investments into INHANCE® and FACFINDER, the data and analytics tools developed by ImageCat to unlock and maximize the value of these platforms for its insurance customers.

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INHANCE® is a data analysis and exposure management platform primarily used in the P&C insurance industry.  FACFINDER is an exposure aggregation and hazard mapping platform, also used primarily by the (re)insurance industry.

Ronald Eguchi, President, and CEO of ImageCat have been leading the way to concurrently develop geospatial analytic tools and using those tools to provide services and analyses for various industries engaged in risk management.   “With the assistance of UCV Group now is the perfect time for ImageCat to take advantage of this synergy.  I believe that RESURANCES will further maximize and expand those platforms’ use and value to existing and future clients in the P&C insurance business and related fields.”  

Shubharoop Ghosh, Vice President of Data Services at ImageCat, who is a founding partner in this effort is an experienced platform and data technology entrepreneur. Shubharoop fully recognizes the potential of data and analytics solutions to transform the P&C insurance business. “As organizations respond to new technological needs, we remain laser-focused on our customers’ expanding needs for the future. RESURANCES will maintain a strategic approach to help P&C insurance customers make profitable business decisions using our technology and data products.”

ImageCat is an international risk management innovation company supporting the global risk and catastrophe management needs of the insurance industry, governments, and NGOs. As a leading provider of risk and disaster management technologies, ImageCat is highly regarded for cutting-edge products, services, and R&D activities, targeting decision support needs at all phases of the disaster management cycle.

UCV Group’s roots go back almost four decades and include helping entrepreneurs based in Japan and the USA, through privately funded investment partnerships.  Presently, it concentrates on identifying and investing in science-based technologies globally, especially risk management tools for catastrophe risks, hazards, and exposure data.

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