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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Milan, Italy Jul 15, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – HashBit Blockchain, HBIT, is now available for mining with cpu on the official frontend which was launched on 1st May 2021.

HBIT is a Java blockchain that comes with some of the best and amazing features. It is themed GREEN to show that HBIT is pro-saving the planet. A node can be run on a smartphone or raspberry pi, and it only consumes less than 20% of resources. Unlike other nodes, HBIT does not require complex and expensive devices to run.

HBIT ledger is constructed and linked based on blockchains. Therefore, features of blockchain technology apply immutability, public, and many more.

HBIT is constructed on open-source java and is a 100% proof of stake digital asset. This algorithm is unique as it does not require any employment of the coin age concept compared to others which all do. HBIT is resistant to “nothing at stake” attacks which can be a burden.

There is a total supply of 50 billion HBIT and 49.5 billion is available for mining. The mining process can be done on the https://chain.hashbit.org website which can be accessed from any device and any browser worldwide. There is a 30 seconds block time which can be shorter if there are many unconfirmed transactions. This rate is 40 times faster than Bitcoin showing how much potential HBIT holds.

Hashbit.org, apart from mining, also offers some incredible rewards in affiliate competitions. You can visit the website to learn more about how it works to how you can earn the funds you have earned.

When one joins for the first time, one will be prompted to create a wallet. No need to worry as this will be easy and all steps are direct.

One other outstanding feature we bring to the market is that traders and other users can send and receive crypted and uncrypted messages over the platform. We also issue tokens and offer exchange services on decentralized exchanges.

Merchants’ page comes with a point of sales and HBIT Pay that will enable businesses to ease into accepting HBIT as a payment option. With these in line, we predict mass adoption of our tokens in the near future.

HBIT http api has been programmed to interact with blockchain directly as opposed to the official node. This method has proven to be most effective for build apps, games, and any other application.

HBIT comes with a ScanToPay function which will make payments easy, smooth, and fast as you have to only a code and you are done.

HBIT is seeking to create a futuristic and sustainable coin and is, therefore, not done with features. There will be other features that will be added with time.

Businesswise, anyone can utilize HBIT technology in creating programs, apps, and games easily with no boundaries on creativity. It can be used day to day through POS, fast transfers, dApps like discussion platforms, creating own assets, instant messages, just to mention a few.


HBIT is the future of digital assets and everyone should make it their priority to join.

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