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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Seattle, Washington Jul 12, 2021 ( – This week project management trainer and coach, Kelly Schactler (, is excited to announce the launch of the Project Management Rebooted Academy, an impactful project management training program for nonprofits and companies, designed to take the overwhelm and confusion out of learning project management tools and processes.

With thousands of project management training choices available in today’s marketplace, Kelly has created an affordable, proven, and efficient project management training option giving staff the best-in-class tools they need to deliver their projects easily and successfully with quality outcomes.

As Project Management Rebooted’s founder and principal trainer, Kelly believe that nonprofits and small companies can especially benefit from basic project management training by bringing together essential project management tools and processes, mindset reset, and team leadership techniques. “Often, organizations overlook or are unaware of the enormous impact a little project management structure can have on not only their project managers, but on the customers and clients they serve.” Kelly shared in a recent interview. “Project Management gets a bad rap as being overly complicated, feeding the belief that everyone needs fancy project management certifications and is expensive to put into place. There is a balanced way to bring in the right set of core tools and best practices and train staff to use those tools in a way that’s relevant to the organization – allowing those folks to develop their confidence and accountability groove when it comes to managing projects and people.”

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In the same interview, Kelly brought up 3 key findings from the Project Management Institute, 2018 Success in Disruptive Times Survey on why projects fail and how the Academy training successfully addresses these points of failure:

  • Not having an actively engaged leadership sponsor.
  • Inability to avoid additional work or uncontrolled changes outside of the scope.
  • Not using project management tools effectively and consistently.

Kelly’s mission is to help people and organizations avoid these points of failure through relevant, accessible, and impactful project management training like the Project Management Rebooted Academy. Reflecting on this, Kelly shared “This is about giving your people the right tools at the right time in the right way so they can bring their best to the project table where everyone can experience less stress, greater ease, and better outcomes with project management.”

About Kelly Schactler

Kelly Schactler is the owner of Heron Ventures LLC, an independent, women-owned business headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Kelly Schactler in 2017, Project Management Rebooted training and coaching programs help nonprofits, small-medium companies, and individuals realize greater efficiency and effectiveness through simple, straightforward project management tools and processes.

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