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(Spin Digit Editorial):- West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Jul 11, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – MiGro Portable Indoor Nursery.

The MiGro is a low-maintenance, energy-efficient, fully open-source portable hydroponics nursery. Grow a wide variety of fresh produce from Seeds to Harvest; all year round. 

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Featuring all the benefits of having your own nursery, indoors, or just about anywhere. Being based in Bradford, West Yorkshire; the MiGro has been fully developed in-house.

The MiGro is a portable lightweight hydroponics nursery.

Designed to work in the remotest locations, where there is little or no light and/or there is a shortage of space.

The MiGro will support all stages of plant development from seeds to harvest and has many unique features:
·       Heated lid, which also combines as a heated tray
·       Simulated natural water oxygenation and filtration:  
The water feed mixture is circulated through the hydro corn clay pebbles in order to aid filtration, oxygenation; and preventing water stagnation.
·       Fully adjustable UV LED grow lights
·       A deep lightweight chamber which allows plants to grow out and flourish
·       Low-energy usage, and designed to work in harmony with solar and renewable energy sources:
The MiGro also features an optional solar power pack, charge your powerpack through the day with the solar panel, and power your MiGro through the night.

You can also power the MiGro directly with the solar panel when there is sufficient sunlight.
·       Fully portable and low maintenance

With our growing population comes the ever-increasing demands on our planet’s resources. Intensive farming requirements continue to grow and this has reached levels of critical concern.

We designed the MiGro in order to make it easier to grow your own fresh herbs, salads, and vegetables from home; in order to further educate and promote more self-sustainability and ultimately allow people to become more self-reliant and reduce the impact, our dietary needs have on our planet. 

We are 100% self-funded and are committed to supporting the development of sustainable, practical, renewable energy products. 

Designed from the initial idea to finished product; with durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability in mind. 

James C Kenneally
Email: [email protected]: https://www.mymigro.co.ukKickstarter


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