Blogger Faisal Alnaqbi Aka Emirati gets admitted to the hospital Due to spine surgery after his birthday party

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jul 11, 2021 ( – Blogger Faisal Alnaqbi Aka Emirati Nomad is admitted to the hospital Due to spine surgery after his birthday party at Armani Hotel Dubai. Alnaqbi shared that he has been suffering from pain for the last eight months and have finally decided to go for the surgery as two months of physiotherapy was not in his favour.

Alnaqbi showed on his Instagram pictures and videos of him walking using a walker, and he seemed to be recovering well. Alnaqbi explained that his spine injury started four or five years ago, and it started from his neck, where he did the surgery as well.

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Alnaqbi Explains that the pain is out of this world, and even with heavy pain killers, he was able to sleepy for only three hours per day.

Spine surgeries are usually not easy, but he put his trust in the fantastic Korean Team of doctors at Wooridul spine centre at Healthpoint Abu Dhabi. Dr. Dong Bae performed the surgery using the latest technology with laser and Endoscopy. Alnaqbi’s health is improving at the minute, and he is resting at his house in Dubai. Alnaqbi should make a full recovery within six weeks of the surgery. Patients should take some steps to ensure that they recover as quickly as possible after laser spine surgery.

Faisal Alnaqbi / Emirati Nomad birthday party, which was held at 3BK Armani Hotel in Dubai, was the talk of the town where many celebrities and Influencers showed up and enjoyed celebrating his night with him. Alnaqbi shared video stories about the party and the crowd, and he seemed to be having a good time.
3BK Armani is one of the most luxurious restaurants and lounges in Dubai and is located at the magnificent Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world.

we wish you a happy birthday.

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