Finding The Origins Of The Covid-19, The Scientists Have Come Up With Something New

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Image Credit – BBC


The misery of the global pandemic has taken over more than four million lives worldwide.

The disease is still new to humans as it has come in contact for only 18 months and scientists are working hard to everything about it.

Since every country has prepared or imported from others the antidote or vaccine for the disease, most likely the morality rate regarding this case will reduce exponentially.

However, the research work is going on the origin of this special strain of Coronavirus. It is definitely revealing something unique.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set an investigative team in 2020 to look into the matter. But the research in 2020 has faced many obstacles of the political feud, conflicts, and controversies.

The 21 researchers are working hard to understand the behavior of this virus and how it transferred from bats to human.

Glasgow University virologist Prof David Robertson said, “It’s not true that we don’t know where it came from – we just don’t know how it got into humans,”.

It is already accepted by most countries that the ancestors of this virus have been roaming harmlessly among the wild bats.

The experts are still figuring out the process of transmission from wild animals to humans. It will help us to prevent any further pandemic that can occur anytime just like the Corona.

There is no definite proof of the first covid-positive bat or any human transmission as the first case is still not in records.

The scientists have released a pre-print of the latest report where they could find resemblance with the emergence Sars back in 2003. It was a palm civet that was carrying the virus and this time it’s the bats.

“It’s not true that we don’t know where it came from – we just don’t know how it got into humans,” said professor Robertson. He also added, But the bat virus link and the strong association to markets selling live animals are both there.”

The researchers say that a natural spillover – probably linked to that animal trade – is by far the most likely Covid origin scenario.

The team assigned by WHO which visited Wuhan, also drew a similar conclusion.

Wuhan Institute of Virology is at the epitome of curiosity as it has studied coronaviruses in bats for more than a decade.

Prof David Relman, of the US’s Stanford University, said, I see this as a deliberate effort to marshal all the possible information in support of what is a perfectly good hypothesis – natural spillover – but not balanced and objective.”

Lancet medical journal stated, “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin.”