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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Jul 5, 2021 ( – Earlier, a doctor was a patient’s only touchpoint for a diagnosis and prescription. But this was long back when the internet was not much penetrated in all the segments. Today, with a boom in digital health, patients have many more avenues to get the information they seek. This has led to higher expectations from patients, but at the same time raised a question on the credibility of the information they get.

Recognizing this concern, Nth Sense, one of the best patient engagement platforms endeavors to build a bridge between the seekers and the givers, i.e. the patients and the doctors.

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Reasons why Nth Sense is always in action-


  • To ensure an effectual connection between the doctors and their patients.
  • To establish a source of authentic information around health for the people who seek it.
  • To help doctors engage and retain their patients effectively.
  • To strengthen the healthcare system by making it patient-centric.

With the set 3 aims of an ideal patient engagement platform, that are –

Nth Sense’s ultimate aim is to make healthcare a happy experience for all.

The founders of Nth Sense, Ms. Nidhi Gopiani & Mr. Yash Bharwani quote- ‘ailments already create misery, why should the care  system intensify it?’ And with this belief, they offer a number of customized patient engagement solutions which a healthcare professional can harness to enhance his practice and create a positive patient experience.


Coming back to the current scenario-

The transformation in healthcare technology and the rise in digital health was already a topic of concern for good reasons of course. But today the contact between the healthcare providers and the seekers has also altered immensely due to the pandemic for more than a year now. Fixing this right away is the need of the hour.

What seems like the solution?

Answer- Patient engagement, as it serves everything that is needed to make this possible lessening the hassle.


To round off-

The recent months & changed times have shown the power of online patient engagement, however, it has also put light on the fact that success in this can be achieved only through a proper strategy and consistent efforts. All of this demands an investment of time and resources.

Comprehending the time barriers that medical practitioners face, Nth Sense brings in the convenience of operations & envisions to become a catalyst in the field of the positive patient experience. To date, there has been a quality doctor-patient association created by Nth Sense via its different patient engagement solutions.

Visit Nth Sense today to explore various expert topics pertaining to the current times and Become an Nth Sense Partner.

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