Enough Swimwear and Enough Surfing to be featured at 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan…

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TLG says “God is dope. I’m just shocked, excited and proud of myself all at the same time.”

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Tokyo, Japan Jul 5, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – “TLG” also known as “JL Latino” may be a stranger to some, but to many, he is known as a musician, young Hollywood director, actor, and now a Swimwear and Surfwear owner of an international brand that is being talked about all over the world. The brand, not even officially launched yet is confirmed to be used by 7 Olympians in the 2020 Tokyo Games this month. 

“Enough Surfing was just something I created to compliment Enough Swimwear so that the guys had something dope as well…” says Latino to Sports Illustrated. Latino adds, “I just did it just to do it, and the next thing I know I woke up to phone calls and emails about my brand being used at the Olympics…” It has been confirmed that 7 total riders consisting of Team USA, Japan, Australia, and South Africa will be using Latino’s Enough Surfing surfboards in competition during the 2020 games in Tokyo. 2 riders, 1 from Japan and 1 from Australia will be wearing Enough Swimwear during the competition. 

The Enough brand has had major grand opening setbacks due to the Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world. Now with an official release date of January 2022, Latino did an unannounced soft release and Enough Surfboards are being sold to select retailers around the world. It was confirmed that in less than 2 weeks’ time the Enough brand sold approximately 1408 surfboards around the world ranging from longboards to shortboards and the number is rising. Latino said: “It’s funny how God works sometimes. As everyone knows I have been dealing with a lot the past few years and then it just happens…” (Source: E-Weekly) Sources confirm this year even before launching Latino turned down a buyout offer from Speedo and told the press, ” I just know what I have. I’m not selling…” 

Latino who is currently filming a project, since receiving the news has made sure every rider is well equipped and taken care of with whatever board they wish to have. Sources confirm Latino has officially been invited to attend the 2020 Tokyo games and plans to attend. “I’m just blessed to be apart of the Olympic Games and I’m not stopping there…” (Source: E-Weekly)


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