Foil Network brings in the power of blockchain to create and trade NFTs

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The new breed of elastic blockchains Foil Network introduces the Pure NFT blockchain storage and marketplace.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Zurich, Switzerland Jul 4, 2021 ( – Pure NFT Standard

FOIL Network is proud to introduce the Pure NFT standard and to offer the opportunity of a new way to store NFT art directly in the blockchain. 

Instead of storing files in cloud storage, platform servers, or on IPFS, the FOIL Proof-of-Stake platform brings to life the reliable and bulletproof Pure NFT by the FOIL Network, a completely new standard for ERC721 and BEP721 NFTs. The token data is stored directly in the blockchain and is fully available to Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum communities. The NFT storage or Pure NFT services are available to popular NFT Marketplaces to consider the further adoption among their customers.


BaaS for masses

The FOIL blockchain is expanding and launching ready-to-use BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) solutions, such as KYC/AML module, built-in decentralized exchange module, electronic voting, encrypted documents, data creation, fully scalable on-chain storage, and creation of numerous DeFi instruments.

The FOIL Network is a solid network of compatible, rapid, and elastic blockchains. The independent and innovative DLT is focused on establishing a credible and easily integrated Blockchain-as-a-Service. The network has been built in terms of everyday business use: verifying identities of investors, contributors, community members, validators, and counterparties, based on the immutable and transparent blockchain technology.


Release of the first NFTs

In May 2021, the FOIL Blockchain-as-a-Service Network started inviting the NFT artists to create their first NFT artworks with NFT storage and NFT minting fees covered by the FOIL Network. The first Pure NFTs have been released by various talented NFT artists and authors, opening the world of Pure NFT standard and NFT Marketplace.


NFT for everything

There are lots of areas where NFTs can be applied. You can find it useful if you’re a digital artist, illustrator, or video effects maker, an artist painting on canvas, asphalt, rooftop, or any other art creator, a GIFs creator, memes, and other stuff from the same category, an article or information content writer, a poetry writer, prose, or quotes. 

NFT can be unique digital artwork, a unique sneaker in a limited-run fashion line, an in-game item, an essay, a digital collectible, a domain name, a ticket that gives you access to an event or a coupon, etc.


Seed rounds

In May, FOIL successfully launched the main net with a FOIL Web Wallet. After the successful launch of the FOIL Network, the Bronze Stage of Blockchain Interactions airdrop campaign has been held with thousands of participants and a private 2M FOIL seed round that has been completed overnight. Many digital artists have registered to create their first pure NFTs.

According to the roadmap, the FOIL Network plans for June go far beyond the community events, as FOIL is about to complete the Smart Contract Token Generation Event and hold the private seed round on Ethereum. Each of the aforementioned events will be officially announced over the FOIL Network social media channels.


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