Dubai’s new think tank to focus on global economics, socioeconomics, and geo-economic trends.

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The Center for the Study of Global Economic Future (CSGEF) to offer a unique perspective on economics, socio-economic and systemic forces sustaining global economy’s future.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jul 4, 2021 ( – Dubai’s knowledge and research sector have received a significant boost with the launch of a new think tank devoted to the study of the economic, socioeconomic, geoeconomics, and systemic forces that bear upon the future of the global economy. with the vision to provide a unique academic perspective. Center for the Study of Global Economic Future (CSGEF), which launched its website recently, will engage with top researchers worldwide in its quest to become a knowledge reference for policymakers, research institutions, and the private sector. 

CSGEF will shed light on the forces that would shape the global economic future by considering its main elements: labor, capital, ideation and technology, and other non-economic factors that economic equations often fail to measure. Seeking to build a global platform to network and collaborate with thought leaders, the think tank aims to enhance awareness about the drivers of the global economic future and a resilient international monetary system.

With 11 research programs focused on trends most relevant to the global economic order, CSGEF intends to focus on three main generic activities – to facilitate informed global dialogues, promote new and innovative policy ideas, and conduct research and independent analysis. It will also provide consultancy services alongside its wide array of research.

“As the Managing Director of the Center for the Studies of Global Economic Futures (CSGEF), I feel honored and privileged to introduce a self-governed independent body devoted to strategic, economic, and socio-economic development,” Mahmood Sharif Mahmood, the Managing Director of the Center for the Study of the Global Economic Future, said.

Mr. Sharif said that geo-economic developments naturally lead to the advancement of knowledge, which is an opportunity worth exploring for the research and knowledge industry. “The decades ahead of us promise enormous potential. We have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this by introducing focused research and independent analyses, facilitating informed debate, and providing new and innovative policy ideas,” he said.

The CSGEF website ( is up and running with valuable research produced by experts such as Professor Joseph S. Nye, Jr., a Contributing Author for CSGEF, writing on the Future of Economic Powers & Geoeconomics Program (EP&G). Nye’s write-up, The Logic of US-China Competition, has already been posted on the website.

Part of the inaugural edition is Prof. Yana Leksyutina’s piece – The Trajectory of China’s Geo-Economic Puzzle in Eastern Europe – in which she discusses China’s growing economic footprint in Central and Eastern Europe. “The European Union bureaucracy and Western European countries, which see China as an actor eroding European solidarity and spreading illiberal practices, have been the major drivers for such discussions. However, a data and trends analysis suggest that such fears concerning Eastern Europe are exaggerated,” Prof. Leksyutina writes.

Robert Skidelsky a, Contributing Author for CSGEF, write-up on The Gaps in Bidenomics and Willem H. Buiter’s also a  Contributing Author for CSGEF writing Is Bitcoin Good for Business? have also been published by the CSGEF. Following is a list of research programs the CSGEF will pursue:

  • The Future of Money and Currency Program (FMCP)
  • The Future of Economic Anthropology Program (FEA)
  • The Future Artificial Intelligence & Digital Economy (FAIDE)
  • The Future of Global Supply Chain & Trade Program (GSC&T)
  • The Future of Finance and Banking Program (FBM)
  • The Future of Global Economic Security Program (GES)
  • The Future of Global Economic Governance Program (GEG)
  • The Future of Energy Program (FE)
  • The Future of Knowledge Program (FKP)
  • The Future of Economic Powers & Geoeconomics Program (E7)
  • Global, Regional & National Development Plans Program (GRAND)


CSGEF’s range of research services will include the following broad areas:


  • Research Services
  • Perspectives
  • Policy Paper
  • Commissioned Research
  • Position Estimate
  • Research Paper
  • Opinion Article
  • Strategic Economic Thought (SET) Papers
  • The Global Economics Future (GEF) Index 
  • Global Economy Future Scenarios (GEFS)


CSGEF Research & Publishing Team is also welcoming research papers within its areas of interest. As part of its consultancy services, the CSGEF will provide policy planning analysis and planning, scenario planning, research and analysis, concept development, and project work and services. “The future is challenging, and we aim to make it easier for our clients to navigate it better. We invite you to partner with us,” CSGEF Managing Director Mr. Mahmood Sharif said.


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