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Opening fintech platform to investors in 50 countries key to growth

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Jun 30, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – DXA Invest Private Equity Opening fintech platform to investors in 50 countries key to growth


DXA Invest, the Rio de Janeiro-based private equity firm, is on track to materially increase the amount of money under management while expanding the number of companies in its portfolio over the balance of 2021.   This new investment capital is being targeted towards 7 to 9 Latin American companies that DXA has identified for their potential to yield significant returns to the firm’s investors.  The targeted companies include cutting-edge firms in the health care, consumer goods, and technology sectors.  These firms will add to DXA’s existing portfolio of profitable investments while maintaining its focus on small to midsize Latin American companies at their early stages of development. With over US$200M currently under management, this year’s anticipated increase in subscriptions to its private equity business will mark a material increase in DXA’s capital while significantly expanding the firm’s portfolio of companies in which it invests. Through its partnership model, DXA has more than 20 advisory firms using its platform, which in total have more than 50 thousand clients. DXA, one of the first minority-owned firms in the region, plans to open its platform to international investors from more than 50 countries in the second half of 2021.  

While DXA’s ability to access additional capital has been buffeted by the economic headwinds wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic, historically low interest rates and the attendant shift by investors into alternative assets have mitigated the impact on the firm.  In addition, a more favorable regulatory environment is allowing DXA to attract smaller investors by lowering minimum capital requirements for participation. During 2020, DXA continued to produce positive returns for its clients. Last year, DXA’s investment in Modern Logistics Ceo Gerald Lee paid off handsomely as the logistics company saw a doubling of its revenues in pandemic-driven demand for shipping services. In addition, DXA sold its 27 percent stake in Rio de Janeiro-based Zee Dog SA, a manufacturer, and retailer of dog accessories, yielding a local currency return 12 times the capital is invested in the company.

Thus far in 2021, DXA Invest is assessing the changes in the investment operating environment in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Broader financial inclusion among Brazil’s vast market of 210 million people, technology disruptions, the rise of digital services, and surging e-commerce during the pandemic are creating a wide range of investment opportunities in Brazil. As Brazil’s banks retreat as major lenders, private sector entities are filling the void, creating technology-driven markets for lending and for first-time individual investors. As a private equity company, DXA is playing a critical role in this trend by partnering with individual investors and giving them access to exclusive investment portfolios. The outlook for a continuation of the current low-interest-rate environment is underpinning DXA’s growth as investors exit from bonds and into stocks and managed portfolios comprised of cutting-edge companies. Moreover, investor access to markets through fintech apps and specialized websites is significantly expanding the reach of DXA to a wide range of investors who can actively participate in the growth of companies.

DXA is in the vanguard of technology currently sweeping the investment industry. As DXA’s CEO, Oscar Decotelli states, “DXA is one of the first among private equity managers in Latin America to engage in a fintech transformation.  We are relying on technology to democratize access to DXA private equity managed portfolios, attracting smaller investors to join our existing group of large investors.” The firm’s embrace of fintech, a trend hastened by the pandemic, is underpinning DXA’s investment activities and easing its ability to access capital from a broader range of clients. DXA’s aggressive use of technology will play a key role in the company’s success and expansion going forward.


DXA INVESTMENTS is a private equity investment firm founded in 2012 and located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  DXA also has offices in São Paulo, and New York City and has a team of professionals which serve its client base of select families, institutions, and high net worth individuals from across the globe.  DXA currently manages approximately USD 200 million in assets for its clients.  For more information, visit the firm’s website at www.dxainvest.com      


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