Forte 1 Technologies: Arbitrage remains king after crypto crash

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Mahe, Victoria Jun 29, 2021 ( – Bitcoin’s notorious volatility was on full display in recent weeks, having dropped 46% from its April peak to May trough.

Forte 1 Technologies championed arbitrage but the arbitrage opportunities remained virtually unaffected, as arbitrage traders are exposed to market moves for a brief period, their objective being to make profits in rands from differences in the bitcoin price on different exchanges. Arbitrage involves exploiting price differences in the same asset in different markets.

Forte 1 Technologies is a technology company established in 2020 by a team of computer scientists and engineers with expertise in AI, data analysis, distributed systems, and marketing. Initially founded to provide artificial intelligence platforms to help private companies with their arbitrage needs, Forte 1 Technologies now offers short-term risk-free investment solutions to the masses through its proprietary F1 Arbitrage Engine.

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CEO Jacob Anderson mentioned, “Forte 1 offers a streamlined process, whereby our clients are involved in the initial registration process and thereafter start seeing profits almost immediately, without doing any additional work.”

“We’ve done everything possible to make this a relatively stress-free trade, which is what newcomers to cryptocurrencies are most concerned about. They are frightened of losing part of their investment and are sometimes skeptical that arbitrage is a way to take some of those risks and stresses out of the market. You cannot eliminate all risks in any investment, but you can certainly reduce them.”

“No matter what is happening in the crypto market, arbitrage opportunities are still there,” he adds.

In the recent Forte 1 Technologies’ biannual report released, the company has performed over 3,500 trades with an average profit of 0.081% profit per trade. They have been consistently maintaining profits of over 100% for the past 6 months since December 2020, an incredible feat among their peers in the industry.

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