Chillbox portable ac review: is this the solution to summer heat in 2021?

chillbox portable ac reviews

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Adrian, Michigan Jun 25, 2021 ( – Chillbox portable ac review; is this the solution to summer hear in 2021?

Recently, Chillbox portable limited released its newest model of the Chillbox portable AC.  

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Just as everyone knows, summer is here. It can be a huge issue if not handled properly. Thousands of Americans, Britons and even Germans understand what this special season is all about. There’s a real need to protect oneself.

If this summer is anything like the last, an air conditioning unit will be somewhat essential to help the body fresh and unflustered. However, there’s a problem. The cost of these air conditioners is so much that they can rip open anyone’s bank account. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor one is, the cost of installing and maintaining an air conditioning unit can be very high especially during times like this.

There’s a chance that some persons are here because they have most likely heard about the chill-box portable AC or probably searched for the best portable air cooler but have been bombarded with cheap imitation knock offs, hopeless toys and products from lots of shady and unstable brands that will be broken in just a matter of days- if not sooner.

It is therefore better to avoid the stress and all the drama that comes with making high-risk decisions and trust reliable chillbox portable ac reviews before spending that money.

That’s where this press release review comes in, to give the best advice and the right sense of direction with our trusted recommendation.

This article is solely focused on the chillbox portable air conditioner that is currently trending in so many countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and a host of other countries.

Is the chillbox air conditioner solution to the summer heat? Read on

What is chillbox portable ac?

Chillbox is a portable device that has both a cooling and humidifying effect. It is a personal air cooler that also filters the air. It comes in as a combo of humidifier and air cooler. It is very compact making it very easy to carry about to any location. It can even be kept free on the top of a desk.

It removes the need for installation or huge electricity bills that come with conventional air conditioners.

A Three-in-one piece, the chillbox is a cordless air cooler, humidifier and has a fan.

What are the features of the chillbox portable ac?

Energy conservation: When compared to the conventional air conditioners, the chillbox portable ac consumes 10 times less energy than the big conventional air cond. This means a significant reduction in electricity bills for consumers and in the long run massive saving of running cost which will translate to saving more money.

Maintenance-friendly: No matter how one wants to see it, the chillbox air cooler is way cheaper than a conventional air conditioner when it comes to capital and recurrent costs like purchase, installation, operating and maintenance costs. This of course does not mean that they are entirely better than the big ACs. Not in all cases, at least, it means that these air coolers are a budget-friendly alternative so long as they serve their users effectively.

Environment and health-friendly: In this age where scientists and global health experts are hammering on the need to reduce things that increase global warming, this ac is a good alternative. Unlike air con that make use of harmful chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons, these air coolers make use of a natural process of evaporative cooling with zero carbon emission making them very eco and health-friendly.

Since no chemicals are used to get this chillbox portable air cooler working, it, therefore, contributes to a green world and safe health for persons who use them.

Easy usability: The chillbox portable air cooler is very easy to use. Users of this air conditioner do not need to have any special powers to be able to operate this ac. It is cordless and uses a simple filling operation. It was designed to just be simple.

Enough running time: This feature stands this product totally out of other devices out there. It comes with battery power that allows the device to run for more than a day non-stop while generating cool air.

According to research, it’s been noted that it pumps out about 2.7m/s of cold refreshing air in just 30 seconds.

Moisture control: These air coolers are well sought after today in dry and hot areas because they work by placing moisture into the surrounding air, which helps to keep the room cooler through the process of evaporation.

This comes with the added advantage of protecting the skin and eyes from drying out during these hot summer season. This is in total contrast to the big conventional air conditioners that take out moisture from the surrounding air, making the eyes and skin dry and in prolonged cases susceptible to injury.

Fan speed setting: Every human wants to own a tech that they have a reasonable amount of control. The chillbox personal air cooler comes with 3-fan speed control that allows users to control the speed of the air that flows out.

This 3-fan speed control also acts to conserve the amount of power that is consumed from the batteries. A medium-speed fan setting is suitable for the comfort of users as well as power consumption

No noise: No one wants to deal with a noisy device on a sunny day. Imagine, feeling very hot and having to entertain so much noise just because the air conditioner is turned on. It is devastating. Luckily, this air cooler comes with a sound that is less than 40decibels. It means that it produces very little to no sound at all. Good sleep and comfort are guaranteed to the fullest.

Easy cleaning: Just like every other product, this air conditioner can get dirt from the surrounding environment. However, unlike conventional air conditioners, there is no need to employ a professional cleaning agency to fix this.

With just a cloth and a good antiseptic, the dirt can be gotten well rid of. This saves so much cost from maintenance.

Indicator for charging: On the top surface of this air con is a LED ring that gives an alert about the charging status of this device. This indicator shows when the air con is full, discharged and charging.

Specs of the chillbox portable ac

In a nutshell, here is what a single unit of chillbox AC is made of


  • Cord-free operation
  • It can act as a regular fan or a cordless air cooler
  • Very compact and portable, allowing it to be carried around
  • It is easy to use
  • It works as a humidifier
  • It is noiseless
  • Product dimensions: 170 x 140 x 143mm
  • Weight: 684.6g
  • It comes with a type-C charging cable.

How does the chillbox ac work?

Before we take a deep look into the working principle of the chillbox air cooler, it is very important that we make a good distinction between the conventionally big air cons and air coolers (in this case the chillbox). Why is this so?

First, most people tend to get confused with the real meanings of these terms especially because most times they are referred to as AC or even portable AC.

The main difference aside from their size is in the working principle

The chillbox as an air cooler works basically on the principle of evaporative cooling. Here, the evaporation of water is used to keep the air in the room cool. A good analogy is to make use of sweating in humans.

When humans exercise, stay under heat or go through a strenuous activity that makes them sweat, the sweat appears on the skin and starts to evaporate. It extracts the heat that was inside the body, absorbs it, converts it into gas, release it into the atmosphere and thus resulting in the cooling effect we get.

In the case of an air cooler, warm yet fresh air from the adjacent environment passes through the evaporating media of the air cooler, cooling pads in this case through which water is moved with the help of a water pump.

The flowing water extracts this heat from the warm air and starts to evaporate leaving behind cool, fresh and moistened air which is directed towards the in-built fan and then into the room.

Some air coolers also come with dedicated trays for adding ice cubes to help chill the water and thus increase the power of the cooling.

So, what is the difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner?

Like we said above the difference is majorly in the way they work.  Air coolers, make use of heat or hot air, pass it through a wet absorbent pad and cool the air. They make use of water which allows this conversion and absorption possible, so it is important that it is always filled up to the 300ml capacity.

On the other hand, the air conditioners make use of a chemical coolant to condition the air to a certain degree. They remove moisture from their environment through a series of process that involves the use of CFCs.

Another difference is in the installation. Air coolers do not need any special form of installation. All that is needed is a power outlet. It can be taken around to any corner of the room for use. Some come with batteries that even allows one to make use of them in the absence of an electricity source.

On the contrary, air conditioners cannot be moved around. They must be installed on a wall, window or roof. They cannot be moves at will unless the need arises and of course the only way to do that is to unmount the whole unit, dismantle, repack and transport to the new preferred location. It strangles the freedom to take them around like the chillbox portable air coolers

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Why should users get the chillbox portable ac?

This chillbox air con is an effective and cost-effective solution to the summer heat. The numerous advantages that accrue to this ac cannot be overemphasized.  

Living in a small and stuffy room when the weather is very hot can be quite uncomfortable and make life unsatisfying. It also increases the likelihood of falling ill and predisposes one to some dangerous health challenges like meningitis. Even if there’s an already existing air cooler in one’s place already, it will be only wise for such a person to get a portable one that will not swallow up the small space in the room.

This is where the chill box has an advantage over some of the conventional air conditioners. Its portable and compact size allows it to be used in a small-sized room ensuring that cool, fresh air is generated repeatedly in such a small space.

Practically, money that could’ve been spent on installing, maintaining and making use of the big air units can be saved. The chillbox aircon offers that financial freedom to save up some money as it consumes very little amount of electricity and can work on inbuilt batteries once charged to full.

Last, this portable aircon comes as both a humidifier and air chiller, leaving the room chilled and dry via its evaporative process of work. It gives persons who have allergic reactions an edge as the room is always low on humidity.

PROS (Chillbox portable ac reviews)

  • It is very easy to make use
  • It works as both a humidifier and air cooler
  • It does not make noise at all
  • It has enough running time making it usable for long hours when outdoor
  • It is portable and can be carried about easily
  • It is cordless
  • It is light in weight
  • It comes with a 3-speed fan setting that allows the amount of air coming out to be controlled.
  • It is very effective.


  • Stock is limited
  • It does not come in different colours
  • It cannot be gotten from any physical stores. It can only be gotten on the official website of the manufacturer.

Where can the chillbox portable ac be gotten?

There are a lot of vendors online who stage that they sell the chill-box ac. While this may not be entirely false, we advise that it is way better to buy directly from the manufacturer of chillbox air conditioner. Why do we say so?

First, it is important to be certain of getting what was ordered. Second, persons who get from the manufacturer will have access to any ongoing discount prices and opportunities that come with this offer.

Last, there’s a return money policy attached to these offers that are only enjoyed when gotten from the manufacturer. The money return policy that comes with this product allows the product to be sent back to the manufacturer and get a full refund if there’s no satisfaction in the action of the product.

Chillbox portable ac customer reviews

Ever since Charles got the chill box portable ac, the challenge of extreme heat has been long gone. It turns the hot temperature of the room within minutes. Thanks to chillbox, it no longer feels like an inhabitable sauna in the room. – James, LA

Moderate heat is not an issue but on certain days, it can be overwhelming. Love the chillbox portable ac because it turns the hot air around quickly, is portable. Prefer it right in front of me. It gives so much joy. – Christian NY

If there was a 6 out of 5 ratings, that is certainly what the chill box portable ac gets from George. First, I got it at a discount price, and it works so well in my workroom. Work is now easier and no more depressing as it covers a huge part of the hot air. – George, Florida

There’s a fan in the room that normally makes sleeping under a cool temperature so cool. The only turn off is the noise that the fan produces. The noise was much that it was practically difficult to hear myself think. I opted to try out the chillbox air conditioner because of its affordable price, the souring heat and some of the verified customer reviews and was not disappointed. It gives a chilly air and is noiseless. Ever grateful for the company that made it possible. Chillbox AC is the real deal. Nice one Chillbox! – Victor, Chicago

What is the cost of Chillbox Portable AC

It is very important to let our readers know the price of the chillbox portable ac in this review article. Just like we have given a thorough review of this ac, it is also important to know the price and of course the safest place to make an order.

Get the chillbox from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE. They can be gotten in bulk from the manufacturer’s website and more so, at a reduced cost.

Check out the list below:

1 ChillBox unit: $89 each + $8.99 in S&H

2 ChillBox units: $79 each + $8.99 in S&H

3 ChillBox units: $69 each + free S&H

4 ChillBox units: $59 each + free S&H

Frequently asked questions (Chillbox portable AC review)

Are portable air conditioners worth the price?

Well, they are remarkably good and convenient for lots of homeowners and persons who rent them out for programmes. They are an affordable way to introduce a cool, fresh air into any living room.

Is the chillbox portable ac any good?

Yeah. It is not expensive and doesn’t cost much while paying bills because it is chargeable. The chillbox portable ac can be placed in any room, it is easy to use and efficiently cools the entire atmosphere of the house.

Does the chillbox portable ac need to drain?

No. This portable AC does not need to be drained. It makes use of an evaporative system that works using the water that has been added to its 300ml capacity tank.

Can chillbox be purchased in stores?

For the time being, the answer is a NO. They are only made gotten online from the OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER.

Conclusion on the chillbox portable ac review

We have come to the end of the Chillbox portable ac review.

For persons who have successfully read everything in this review up to this point, kudos. It simply means that the needed information has been passed on

The first group are for persons who are yet to make up their mind on purchasing the chill-box portable ac. For this set of persons, unfortunately, cannot be made by the reviewer.

Our opinion is simple, with its affordable price, guarantee and money return policy attached to it, everything directly runs in the favour of persons who want to get them. There’s no risk for persons who want to get one of these

The second group are for persons who want to take full advantage of this sweet bargain. For this group, I’d say go ahead, act quickly and secure this ac before prices return to an all-time high.

Thanks for reading this review

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chillbox portable ac reviewschillbox ac reviewschillbox portable reviews

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