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Emerging as World-Class Interactive Learning Pool

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jun 21, 2021 ( – ecadema, an education delivery platform, emphasizes learner’s engagement with real-time audio-video and textual communication, interactive whiteboard, polls, and quizzes.

Today, digitization has entered every sphere of our lives and learning is no exception. The recent development of a pandemic pushed nearly every organization to extend the learning zones through live online training while working from home.

Faculties are still grappling with the sudden ways of transition to online education, resulting due to COVID-19. Pandemic forces universities and educational institutions around the world to shift to online classes.

Founded by Amin Chaar in 2020,ecadema, a pioneer in skill-based programs, is a comprehensive online learning ecosystem providing interactive online sessions and focusing on bridging the global technical skills gap. 

Why and how is ecadema different from the assortment of other online learning platforms that deliver recorded videos instead of living interactive sessions?

Synchronous online learning motivates learner’s engagement through video conferencing, teleconferencing, live chatting and live-streamed lectures, which can be accessed in real-time, allowing dynamic exploration of topics, ideas, and concepts.”

Communication is key while learning new skills.

Live classes are instructor-led virtual training programs between instructor and peer groups, run on common meeting software through the Internet.

No other learning platform can substitute live classes. An invaluable part of interactive online learning is human interaction, as interactive learning enables instructors to evaluate learner’s interests, personalities, and training skills during live sessions.

Learners become more comfortable and trust has been established.

Undoubtedly, interaction is a key element, and better communication with a trainer during a live session leads to satisfactory results.

Live sessions are a viable option, providing reliable interaction with an instructor to clear all doubts in real-time, which is not the case with pre-recorded sessions.

Another advantage of joining Interactive Live sessions is instructors are updated on recent developments in the related field and share prerequisite knowledge related to industry training. Live sessions take leverage over pre-recorded content as it includes knowledgeable industry-related recent developments, enriching online education experiences.

Incredible benefits of live sessions are that learners may ask questions related to the field of their subject, and having expert answers in real-time, is definitely a great experience. 

Instructors drive the learning objective and even set the pace of learning. This interactive learning model allows two-way communication wherein learning is synchronous. Live sessions create a learning environment, where instructors can assess the students while teaching. Unarguable, the live classes facilitate the questions being solved by a live trainer, ensuring continuity in the learning. 

ecadema focuses on efficient moderators, precise scheduling, effective coordination, and contingency plans, playing a vital role in interactive online learning models.

Live training sessions are always demonstrated on the scheduled timings, pushes disciplined learning, and helps learners to stick to the goals. Mentorships and the right guidance learners receive through online classes speed up your learning process. In live training, learners get exposure to different cultures and meet people from all around the world. 

The learning paradigm at ecadema, caters to the needs of quality education, offering skill-based courses like Accounting & Auditing, Business & Management, Coaching, Supply Chain & Logistics, Finance & Banking, Cloud Computing, Application Management to name a few.

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