Chinese Rocket That Has a Manned Crew Will Blast off Thursday

Image Credit – TOI


Astronauts from the first manned mission of China are going to blast off on Thursday to its new space station. They are going to have a choice of 120 different types of food and also space treadmills for entertainment during their stay. The news came according to reports by the Chinese space agency.

The mission is going to be the longest crewed space mission of China to date and the first in almost five years. Beijing has pushed forward with its very ambitious program to establish itself as a space power.

The astronauts are going to spend three months on board the station that has to go separate living modules for each of them. They are also going to have a dining area, a shared bathroom, and also a communication center to allow two-way video calls and send emails with ground control.

The astronauts will also be able to work off their range of dinner options – the officials have assured reporters were all both tasty and nutritious on the space treadmills and bicycles.

The Long March-2F rocket that will get them there is going to lift off at 9.22 am local time (0122GMT) from the Jiuquan launch center base in Gobi Desert in northwest China according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) which has been speaking at a press conference on Wednesday.