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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Sandusky, Ohio Apr 30, 2021 ( – By Rebecca Boone Associated Press

If you ever in the market to buy a quality semi-truck choosing just the right truck is

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very important. Choosing just the right dealership is even more important. Not all dealerships do a complete inspection on trucks and make sure that they are ready to work and ready to generate money especially once you have put down a sizeable down-payment.

        Ohio Truck Sales in Sandusky, Ohio is one of those dealerships. I recently interviewed one of the unfortunate customers that chose to do business with this dealership and were sold a truck with coolant leaking into the engine as well as a cracked engine block.

This basically means sabotage because the tractor will overheat, head gaskets will fail, and cylinders also most likely the rods deep inside the engine block will need replacement. We are talking about a complete overhaul of the engine and components costing a whopping $21,000. Now imagine you just put down 20% on a $55,000 dollar truck. Then had other expenses such as plating, permits, inspections, etc.

Ohio Truck Sales takes older model Peter Built Trucks and Kenworths that have serious mechanical issues then will paint them and put a new chrome bumper and stacks to sell for big profits and leave the customer with equipment that will fail. The lenders they use are in on the scheme this is why each unit has a tracking device installed before it leaves the shop. So that when the truck fails Ohio Truck Sales will buy the truck back at a discount from the banks to resell again.

The sales manager’s name is Ainsley in her own words, ” We do not back up our equipment, it’s old our trucks can be 20 plus years and there is no warranty we don’t care if the truck fails on the road once it leaves the lot. ” Please see the photos below of an engine block from a tractor recently purchased from Ohio Truck Sales.

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