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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Guangzhou, Guangdong Jun 3, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Cinoll Manufacture sees 2021 as a whole new era to most oral care business after investigating the latest export statistics and the 2021 China Dental and Medical Fair.

With the acceleration of the pace of life, consumption upgrades, changes in life concepts and other factors, oral health has become a topic of great importance to consumers.

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Earlier, the “2021 China Oral Health Trends White Paper” integrated Nielsen and Tmall back-end sales data, as well as the development trajectory and data model of the oral care market in other developed countries, and pointed out that oral health covering oral care, prevention and treatment in the next 15 years The market is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan.

Nowadays, driven by market demand, many head oral care brands at home and abroad are no longer limited to the production and sales of toothpaste, but are closely following the pace of market development, continuously extending their product lines and adding new ones. Incremental categories.

New concept ingredients, packaging changes, toothpaste and other traditional oral care products upgrade.

Facing the demands of new users and new consumption scenarios, traditional oral care products mainly represent “toothpaste”, which is undergoing iteration and innovation. Based on product ingredients, packaging, functional ingredients and experience, most of the new products that are currently successful in the market are based on stain removal, brightening, and fresh breath, and innovations around oral health care.

To many top oral care products factores, the trends are getting stronger and stronger as they are producing oral care products that are quite different from those before.

1. In terms of ingredients, in addition to traditional ingredients, products that claim new concept ingredients such as probiotics, amino acids, and enzymes are becoming more and more popular.

2. In terms of efficacy, in addition to basic cleansing effects, the more subdivided effects such as plaque inhibition and anti-dentin sensitivity are expanding.

3. In terms of product form, in addition to the traditional solid toothpaste form, the demand for liquid toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, toothpaste and other products is booming, driving the sales of related oral care products.

Usmile, which started with electric toothbrushes, was founded in 2015. According to business staff data, from January to September 2020, usmile’s market share of electric toothbrushes on the Tmall platform was 11.2%, surpassing Oral B and second only to Philips. Ranked second in the entire category of electric toothbrushes, and domestic electric toothbrushes ranked first.

Consumers used to buy toothpaste only to meet basic needs, but now there are many choices of toothpaste, and they are also willing to try more new brands and new concepts. So why toothpaste, as a basic category, has grown very fast in the past two years. The reason is that many brands have made a lot of interesting products. In addition to the good-looking products, new packaging forms such as strips and jelly, also have special selling points, such as probiotics. Bacteria toothpaste, enzyme toothpaste, anti-sugar toothpaste, etc., are relatively new concepts. “

4. In terms of experience, consumers are paying more and more attention to feelings such as fragrance and oral experience. In addition, toothpaste that emphasize fluorine-free, alcohol-free, food-grade, better efficacy, and milder formulations are becoming more and more popular.

Jordan Toothbrush Company originated in 1837 and has dominated the market in Norway for decades. At the beauty fair, Jordan Brand Fang introduced the toothpaste trend in his eyes to reporters: In recent years, the market demand for professional oral care brand products has grown rapidly, and the people’s awareness of oral protection has gradually increased. In his view, in terms of toothpaste ingredients, toothpaste with organic ingredients is attracting attention.

Indeed, organic toothpaste contains natural herbs and oils and does not contain harsh chemicals. In contrast, ordinary toothpaste contains non-organic chemicals and other ingredients. In recent years, as more and more people seek products that are both environmentally safe and beneficial to the body, organic toothpaste has become more and more popular in this context.

From single to diversified, sub-categories are accelerating growth.

In the past, oral care was nothing more than toothpaste and toothbrushes. However, as people pay more and more attention to health, the oral care industry is showing a trend of specialization, with products moving from single to diversified, and the sub-categories of oral care continue to increase and extend.

Indeed, in the contemporary environment, new products that are more in line with the aesthetics of young people, new potential categories and products are taking advantage of the trend. This trend is particularly significant in e-commerce channels. In 2020, a number of cutting-edge brands have entered the TOP20 list of oral care products on the whole network, relying on emerging categories such as mouthwash, dentifrice, dentifrice, toothpaste, spray, gum brush, and oral blasting beads to become the dark horse of oral care.

Another obvious trend is that the increasing awareness of oral care has also led to the popularization of professional care products. From the 159-yuan Bohao to the 400-yuan Panasonic, to the thousand-yuan Jiebi, dental flushing devices are entering the field of vision of more consumers, and this is also a higher-level consumer product in the oral care category.

In addition, the oral care category will be more subdivided. “Oral care products will definitely be more subdivided.” Usmile said: “There are more and more users who do orthodontics and dentistry. They are bound to pay attention to orthodontic-related products, which may be finer toothbrushes. Thin dental floss brushes or postoperative soothing products and dental flushers.”

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