Get Your Contemporary EDM Fix With Upcoming Producer N TUSIO DJ’s New Track ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL !’

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Musical notoriety in the scope of House and EDM has found a new producer who is redefining the genres with his own interpretations. Upcoming producer N TUSIO DJ recently came out with the track, ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL !’ that puts together compelling rhythms and sounds into one undulating course. A producer working across the genres of EDM and house, he has the potential of adding new layers of music into his track and design a completely new identity with his interpretation of rhythmic patterns. The artist’s dynamic persona gets personified in the music that further allows him to accomplish the biggest goals of his career. Electronic Dance Music comprises various new perimeters that artists can create and the same ability makes this artist stand apart from the rest.

Producer N TUSIO DJ is based out of Monte Carlo, Monaco who is taking the EDM game in his surrounding scene to a new level. His exposure is his biggest inspiration allowing him to create new sounds and produce new rhythmic patterns that combine to make sweet melodies. HERE WE GO FESTIVAL!influences the audience to accept and move on with life. Although there are no lyrics in his tracks, each has a thematic identification making them rich. ‘NOMIAI’, ‘MIAI’, ‘Flowers Park’, and ‘Non Devi’ are some of his other tracks that deserve special mention. Follow his music and stay updated with the latest releases on SoundcloudSpotifyand YouTube.

Just go for this track ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL!’ by N TUSIO DJ: