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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra May 30, 2021 ( – With an over 95% success rate*, the QuitSure program removes your desire to smoke. All of us have been trained to believe that quitting smoking is really hard. This homegrown app is proving to smokers around the world that it can be very easy.

Everyone knows about the bad effects of smoking and tobacco consumption. According to research [1] by one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, over 85% of smokers accept that “I wish I had never started smoking”. So it is not surprising that most smokers try to quit at different stages of their lives. You may even know a few of them. So today, we are revealing this new method of quitting smoking/tobacco that actually works, and works easily. 

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Most smokers and tobacco users think that it is difficult to quit because they (and their friends) have failed multiple times in quitting. They are not wrong. Most quitting methods don’t work, whether it’s self-control/cold-turkey, hypnosis, nicotine gums, medicines, etc.  The success rate is estimated to be only 4-10%[2][3] for all these methods. 

Quitting smoking is tricky. According to a WHO report[4], “Without cessation support, only 4% of attempts to quit tobacco will succeed”. Even nicotine gums only increase your success rate to just 6-8%[3].

Why is it difficult to Quit smoking?

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that is present in all forms of tobacco. But while it is one of the reasons that people find it difficult to quit smoking, the main reason is the smoker’s mindset. Smokers have beliefs like these:

  • I am not addicted to smoking. I can quit anytime.
  • I will quit before I get any disease.
  • I will quit next month or next year
  • I smoke to relax my mind
  • I enjoy smoking too much
  • I will not be able to enjoy my life without a cigarette
  • I can’t focus on my work without smoking
  • I have failed to quit many times. So I won’t be able to quit now.
  • I tried to quit but I got cravings. I can’t handle cravings.
  • I don’t have the self-control required to quit smoking.

These beliefs create a mindset which traps them in the vicious cycle of smoking and tobacco use. The main addiction is psychological.

The real addiction is psychological, not physical/chemical.

So, if one can change their mindset, can it become easy to quit smoking? Yes! That is exactly what the QuitSure app does. 

What is QuitSure?

QuitSure is a psychological program, which prepares you to quit smoking. The program is delivered through a mobile app. The app is completely free for these Covid times. Even though the program launched only recently, it already has thousands of successful clients from 75+ countries. It is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

According to QuitSure’s founders, a team of Stanford, IIT, and IIM graduates, who were smokers themselves before they developed this program: The key to quitting smoking is to feel happy and proud about quitting, instead of feeling deprived and sad as if you have lost a dear friend. QuitSure puts you into the right mindset so that you are happy and able to enjoy your life after quitting smoking, unlike other methods where you crave cigarettes and feel that you won’t enjoy your life anymore.

The program is personalised to every smokers’ needs and was developed after extensive research into the science and psychology behind smoking. It uses techniques like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to change how you think and feel about smoking.  You even get a specialist coach to guide you through the program. As well as simple tools and tricks to avoid relapse once you are successfully smoke-free. 

It is a 6-day program, but you can progress at your own pace. The program has reading material, videos, mental exercises, and simple instructions to follow. It takes only around 8 hours total time to complete all the material and exercises.

Why don’t other quitting methods work well?

None of the other common quitting smoking methods, like self-control, nicotine patches/gums, cutting-down, doctor’s advice, etc, address the psychological addiction behind smoking. They only try to stop the physical addiction. Let’s take the example of nicotine chewing gums. They provide nicotine in the form of chewing gum instead of smoking or tobacco. But tobacco user’s psychological attachment is not for nicotine. Cigarette users won’t have gutka or jarda just for the nicotine hit. They only crave cigarettes. So, giving nicotine in the form of chewing gum is not going to satisfy the smokers’ desire for cigarettes. It doesn’t remove their psychological attachment to smoking. That is why nicotine gums only increase the success rate of quitting by 2-3%. Other methods like self-control and cutting-down don’t work because their desire to smoke is still there, so they are constantly fighting with themselves to have that ‘just one’ cigarette. This never-ending internal debate is painful and tiring, and eventually, they always give in.


Why does QuitSure work?

QuitSure works because it focuses on and solves the real problem: psychological addiction. By removing their clients’ desire to smoke, they are able to easily quit at the end of the program without any cravings. Since these clients don’t have any cravings to smoke anymore, they don’t have to use willpower or self-control. They are able to just move on with their life as non-smokers.

Once you are successfully smoke-free using QuitSure, it is easy to stay that way long term, because the program does not require you to change anything about your lifestyle! For example, it doesn’t ask you to avoid your smoker friends or change your food habits. You can still go party with smokers as you did before. It doesn’t require you to spend money on nicotine chewing gums or other things. It doesn’t make you irritable or make you gain weight. It is designed to be a true long-term solution that is sustainable because of its simplicity.  

While their claims seem unbelievable, over and over, their clients insist that “This app is such a blessing” and “This app really works”. And with a rating of 4.8 on the Google Play Store, we are inclined to believe them.

So if you or your loved ones are planning to quit smoking/tobacco, I would highly recommend downloading the “QuitSure” app and giving it a try. Link to download the app: You can also access it via the QR Code below.


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